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Mattress Protectors

Freeship Mattress covers protect the mattress from wetness and odor, mainly used for those with incontinence issues. They are usually made of vinyl for easy washing and reuse. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right mattress covers.
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Flannel Face Waterproof Sheeting by Salk

PG#: 00001v84C3636
By: Salk Company

Reusable waterproof sheeting offers complete protection for bedding, mattresses and chairs.


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Invacare Zippered Hospital Bed size Mattress Covers

PG#: 00001vINVMC0195
By: Invacare

Waterpoof mattress cover by Invacare. Fits hospital bed size: 80x36x6 inches.

was $19.99

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Fiberlinks Textiles Inc. Priva® Waterproof Sheet Protector

PG#: 00001vPRA12605HAND
By: Fiberlinks Textiles Inc.

Fiberlinks Textiles Inc. Priva® Waterproof Sheet Protector with Handles 34" x 36"


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Fiberlinks Textiles Inc. Waterproof Sheet Protector

PG#: 00001vPRA11607
By: Fiberlinks Textiles Inc.

Fiberlinks Textiles Inc. Waterproof Sheet Protector 44" x 52"


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Clear Plastic Mattress Cover by Drive

PG#: 00006v3870N
By: Drive

1.6 ML Clear Plastic Mattress Cover Storage Bag 36.5" x 90" x 7" in rolls of 100.


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Choosing The Best Mattress Covers & Hospital Bed Sheets

Many people think of using a mattress cover only as an additional layer of protection when managing nighttime incontinence. But a mattress cover that completely encases your mattress offers many benefits. A waterproof mattress cover, and specifically a zippered mattress cover, protects and increases the life of your mattress—important to safeguard your financial investment whether or not you have any medical issues.

A waterproof mattress cover is usually made of vinyl of a certain gauge or thickness, usually between 3- and 6-gauge. The higher the gauge, the more durable the mattress cover. Usually, today’s waterproof mattress cover can be simply wiped clean with soap and water or a disinfectant, a far cry from the problems of cleaning up a leak or spill that penetrates your mattress.

Waterproof mattress covers are available in all bed sizes, including hospital beds and bariatric mattresses. In addition to knowing your mattress size, doublecheck the thickness of your mattress to be sure that the case will accommodate it.

Features to look for in a waterproof mattress cover:

  • Completely waterproof material
  • Either 3-gauge or hospital grade 6-gauge vinyl
  • Antibacterial property
  • Easily wiped clean finish
  • Zipper closure to fully encase the mattress

To further protect your mattress consider using waterproof sheets as well. These sheets offer a waterproof backing and cotton flannel on the top side for comfort. Waterproof sheets are available as hospital sheets as well as in bariatric sizes, too.

Certain zippered mattress covers are designed to protect you—they create a barrier between you and dust mites and other allergens when they completely enclose your mattress with that zipper closure. To complete this type of bedding protection, add zippered pillow covers.