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Laxatives & Suppositories

Freeship Get relief from constipation with these remedies, including laxatives, suppositories and stool softeners.
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Senna Syrup - Natural Laxative

PG#: 00003vOTC015336
By: Gericare

Senna Syrup is an all-natural stimulant laxative. Natural chocolate flavor (8 oz. bottle)


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Magic Bullet Suppository

PG#: 00001vCSCCMB
By: Magic Bullet

Bisacodyl suppository for immediate constipation relief. Contains 10mg of bisacodyl in a polyethylene glycol.


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Sephure Disposable Suppository Applicator

PG#: 00001vCRIA210C
By: Sephure

Disposable rectal administration allows comfortable and hygienic administration of suppository medicine for easy use.


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