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Kendall Healthcare

Freeship Kendall Healthcare offers a wide range of products for the medical needs of the elderly.

Wings Super Quilted Adult Incontinence Brief

PG#: 00005v87833100     By: Wings

Wings™ Super Quilted Adult Diapers are disposable briefs for maximum heavy incontinence protection.

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Product Type: Tape-On
  • Absorbency Rating: Heavy
  • Brand: Wings
  • Size: Medium, Large, X-Large


  • Auto Delivery

Wings™ Quilted Overnight Adult Brief

PG#: 00005v70333101     By: Wings

Quilted Overnight Adult Brief combines super-absorbent polymers and a high-performance, blue dryness strip making it perfect for heavy wetters and overnight use.

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Product Type: Tape-On
  • Absorbency Rating: Heavy
  • Brand: Wings
  • Size: X-Large, Large, Medium


  • Auto Delivery

Kendall PHMB Antimicrobial Foam Dressing

PG#: 00005v52352105     By: Kendall

PHMB Foam dressing reduce bacteria penetration through dressing and protect against microorganisms.



    Kendall Pink Washcloth

    PG#: 00001v686361     By: Kendall

    Kendall Pink Washcloth 11-1/2 x 13-1/2



      Sure Care Reusable Belted Undergarment

      PG#: 00001v681058     By: Kendall

      This cloth-like undergarment has elastic leg gathers and a reusable belt. (One size fits all).

      • Gender: Unisex
      • Product Type: Belted
      • Absorbency Rating: Light
      • Brand: SureCare
      • Backsheet: Plastic

      was $33.32

      • Auto Delivery

      Excilon Washcloths (Dry)

      PG#: 00001v686040N     By: Kendall

      Extremely strong, disposable washcloths. Size: 10in x 13in - available in cases of 600.



        SharpSafety Transportable Containers

        PG#: 00001v688303SA     By: Kendall

        SharpSafety transport container for sharps. Available in 1 and 1.5 quart volumes.



          SharpSafety In Room Container - Counter Balanced Lid

          PG#: 00001v688507SA     By: Sharpstar

          SharpSafety 5 quart sharps container, in room style, with counter balanced lid.



            Sterile Suction Catheter Kits Without Solution - Adult Coil Pack

            PG#: 00001v6837024     By: Kendall

            Sterile suction catheter kit. Available in French sizes 10,12,14, and 16.

            • Size: 16 Fr, 10 Fr, 12 Fr, 14 Fr


            • Auto Delivery

            Simplicity Protective Underwear

            PG#: 00001v681840     By: Simplicity

            Kendall Healthcare Simplicity® Protective Underwear

            • Size: Medium, Large, X-Large



            Simplicity Adult Quilted Brief

            PG#: 00005v34053101     By: Simplicity

            Kendall Healthcare Simplicity™ Adult Quilted Brief Unisex, Disposable

            • Size: Medium, Large, X-Large


            • Auto Delivery

            Kendall Hydrophilic Antimicrobal Foam Dressing

            PG#: 00005v53502100     By: Kendall

            Foam dressing with antimicrobial features, also proven to work against gram-bacteria and MRSA



              Kendall Anitmicrobial 1 Inch Diameter Foam Dressing

              PG#: 00005v52522100     By: Kendall

              Resists bacterial colonization within dressing and reduce bacteria through dressing with 1 inch diameter.



                Kendall Bordered Hydrophilic Foam Dressing

                PG#: 00005v54542100     By: Kendall

                Ultra soft foam protects and cushions wounds with a top sheet material that allows moisture vapor.



                  Kendall Window Transparent Film Dressing

                  PG#: 00005v46622100     By: Kendall

                  Kendall window film dressing semi-permeable polyurethane film allows moisture and oxygen transmission while protecting against infection.



                    Kendall Curasorb Calcium Alginate Dressing

                    PG#: 00005v92432120     By: Kendall

                    Kendall Curasorb Absorbs exudate from wound and creates a protective cushioning gel and optimal moist healing environment.

                    • Size: 12", 24"



                    Kendall Curasorb Calcium Alginate Dressing With Zinc

                    PG#: 00005v93552100     By: Kendall

                    Curasorb with zinc dressing is non adhesive dressing with the benefit of zinc to help healing at a great price

                    • Size: 12"