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Kate Farms

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Kate Farms Standard Formula 1.0 Nutritional Drink

A ready-to-use oral and tube-feeding formula. Each 325 mL carton provides 325 calories and delivers 24 micronutrients and 29 antioxidant-rich superfoods.


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Kate Farms Peptide 1.5 Oral Supplement / Tube Feeding Nutritional Supplement

Oral Supplement & Tube Feeding Formula Kate Farms® Peptide 1.5 Ready to Use 11 oz. Carton


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Kate Farms Pediatric Standard Supplemental Formula 1.2 Nutritonal Drink 8.5 oz.

Each 250 mL carton provides 300 calories with prebiotic organic inulin fiber, MCT oil, and an evidence-based phytonutrient blend.


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Kate Farms Standard Formula 1.4 Cal Nutrition Drink 11 oz.

Tube Feeding Formula Kate Farms Standard 1.4 Vanilla Flavor Ready to Use 11 oz. Carton


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