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Freeship Invacare is one of the top brands in home medical supplies, from adult diapers to mobility devices. As authorized Invacare sellers, we have great low prices.

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Ensure Clear Nutritional Drink by Abbott

PG#: 00005v64032601     By: Ensure

Ensure Clear™ is a great-tasting, clear liquid nutrition drink that contains high-quality protein and essential nutrients.

  • Brand: Ensure
  • Container Type: Carton
  • Flavor: Mixed Berry
  • Brand Type: Ensure Clear
  • Ingestion Method: Oral
  • Serving Size: 8 oz
  • Nutriiton Form and Consistency: Liquid
  • Nutrition Type: Nutritional drinks

was $19.99


Mattress Waterproof UnderPad - Reusable

PG#: 00001vZRUP2336R     By: Reliamed

Fully washable & resusable waterproof mattress pad. Triple layered cotton-poly blend. Available with or without flaps.

    was $17.49


    Unique Wellness Superio Tape-on Briefs

    PG#: 00001vUW2142     By: Unique Wellness

    Unique Wellness Superio Series Briefs,Pale Blue, 29 oz Absorbency Level, InconTek® Technology

    • Brand: Unique Wellness
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Product Type: Tape-On
    • Absorbency Rating: Heavy
    • Size: Medium, Large, X-Large
    • Backsheet: Plastic


    • Samples Available
    • Auto Delivery

    Posey Fall Management Mens Socks Standard

    PG#: 00001v826239G     By: Posey Company

    Posey Fall Management Men



      Flannel Face Waterproof Sheeting by Salk

      PG#: 00001v84C3636     By: Salk Company

      Reusable waterproof sheeting offers complete protection for bedding, mattresses and chairs.

      • Size: 36" X 54", 36" X 72"



      Invacare I-Fit Shower Chair with Back Support

      PG#: 00001vINV9781     By: I-Fit

      The Invacare Shower Chair with Back Support offers stability, comfort, and tool-less assembly in seconds. Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.



        IVC Full Electric Low Bed - SP

        PG#: 00001vINV5410LOW     By: Invacare

        IVC Full Electric Low Bed-SP has a 450 lb weight capacity.



          I-Class Blow-Molded Transfer Bench

          PG#: 00001vINV9670     By: I-Class

          Heavy duty tub transfer bench by Invcacare. Aluminum frame. Make transfers in and out of the bathtub safe & comfortable. Capacity: 400 lbs.

          • Overall Width: 33 1/4"
          • Brand: I-Class
          • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
          • Adjustable Height: Yes
          • Overall Height: 31 1/4" to 35 3/4"
          • Comes With Handle: Yes
          • Reversible: No
          • With or Without Commode Opening: Without Opening

          was $119.98


          Cardinal Value Basic Breathable Brief

          PG#: 00001v55BVMMD100     By: Cardinal

          Soft, cloth-like outer fabric provides improved comfort and reduced skin irritation.

          • Brand: Cardinal Health
          • Gender: Unisex
          • Product Type: Tape-On
          • Absorbency Rating: Light
          • Size: Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
          • Backsheet: Cloth-like
          • Incontinence Type: Fecal


          • Auto Delivery

          Invacare Overbed Table with Auto-Touch

          PG#: 00001vINV6417     By: Invacare

          Hospital Overbed Table by Invacare with patented, spring-loaded locking handle for easier elevation.

            was $106.65


            All-In-One Aluminum Commode by Invacare

            PG#: 00001vINV96504     By: Invacare

            Comfortable, stable, commode with lightweight aluminum frame that will not rust. 300lb weight capacity.

            • Brand: Invacare
            • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
            • Seat Width: 13.75"
            • Width Between Arms: 18"
            • Commode Weight: 7.48 lbs.
            • Height Adjustable: Yes
            • Commode with wheels: No Wheels

            was $63.99


            TENA® Bariatric Stretch Disposable Brief

            PG#: 00005v61913101     By: Tena

            Tena Bariatric Briefs are specially designed for larger and taller people.

            • Brand: TENA
            • Gender: Unisex
            • Product Type: Hook and Loop
            • Absorbency Rating: Heavy
            • Size: XX-Large, XXX-Large
            • Backsheet: Cloth-like


            • Auto Delivery

            Hospital Mattress Cover with Zipper

            PG#: 00001vZR661ZMP

            Premium vinyl cover with zipper. Completely encloses the mattress for maximum protection. Hospital bed size. 36x80 inches.

              was $19.99


              Commode Pail with Lid

              PG#: 00001vINV6317     By: Invacare

              12 Quart Capacity.



                All-In-One Steel Commode by Invacare

                PG#: 00001vINV96304     By: Invacare

                All-In-One Steel Commode 23-1/2" to 29-3/4" H x 25" W x 19-1/2" D, Comfort and Stability, 13.75" Wide Seat, 350 lb. Weight Capacity Offer consumers the comfort and stability they need.

                • Brand: Invacare
                • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
                • Seat Width: 13.75"
                • Width Between Arms: 18"
                • Commode Weight: 7.5 lbs.
                • Height Adjustable: Yes
                • Commode with wheels: No Wheels


                • Quick Ship

                Deluxe Mattress for the Full Electric Low Bed - SP

                PG#: 00001vINV5185     By: Invacare

                Deluxe Mattress for the Full Electric Low Bed - SP features a high quality innerspring design.



                  Folding Shower Chair

                  PG#: 00001vINV9981     By: Invacare

                  Folding shower chair by Invacare. Lightweight and highly portable; folds down for storage or travel.



                    Gel Foam Mattress Overlay

                    PG#: 00001vINVIVCGFMO2     By: Invacare

                    3.5 inch thick mattress overlay helps prevent and treat pressure ulcers. Vapor permeable waterproof cover with low friction and shear.



                      Invacare Zippered Hospital Bed size Mattress Covers

                      PG#: 00001vINVMC0195     By: Invacare

                      Waterpoof mattress cover by Invacare. Fits hospital bed size: 80x36x6 inches. (Pack of 12)

                        was $19.99


                        Vinyl Padded Shower Chair

                        PG#: 00001vINV9872     By: Invacare

                        Non-slip, comfortable seating surface for bath or shower. Weight capacity 250 lbs.



                          Invacare TRUEread Blood Glucose Test Strips 50 Count

                          PG#: 00001v67G3H0181     By: Trueread

                          Blood Glucose Test Strips for use with the Invacare TRUEread monitor. 50 count.



                            Total Ease Single Crank Semi Electric Home Care Hospital Bed by Invacare

                            PG#: 00001vINV5310IVC     By: Invacare

                            Total Ease Semi Electric Home Care Bed-SP is easy to use and pendant controlled.



                              Economy High Performance Wheelchair by ISG

                              PG#: 00001vISG1810     By: Pmi

                              Inexpensive, high performance dual axle wheelchair by ISG. Flip back arms and heavy duty brakes. (Shown with Elevated Leg Rest option.)

                              • Brand: Pmi
                              • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
                              • Seat Width: 18"
                              • Arm Option: Detachable Arms
                              • Wheelchair Weight: 35 lbs.
                              • Footrest Option: Elevated leg rest
                              • Seat to Floor Height: 16"



                              Tracer EX2 Wheelchair

                              PG#: 00001vINVTREX28RF     By: Tracer

                              Manual, dual axle wheelchair by Invacare sets the new standard in manual wheelchairs. Foot rests and leg rests sold separately.

                              • Brand: Tracer
                              • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
                              • Seat Width: 18"
                              • Arm Option: Detachable Arms
                              • Wheelchair Weight: 36 lbs.
                              • Footrest Option: Permanent footrest
                              • Seat to Floor Height: 17.5"-19.5"


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