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Intermittent Catheters

Freeship Catheters used temporarily and removed after the urine has been drained.
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Cure Intermittent Straight Catheters

PG#: 00001vCQM10
By: Cure Medical

Latex-free, sterile, single-use catheters. Male or Female option. (Case of 30)


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Dale Medical Hold-n-Place® Leg Band Foley Catheter Tube Holder

PG#: 00001vDA316
By: Hold-N-Place

Easy to put on and take off, the Dale Foley Catheter Holder features a dual, patented, locking device that securely anchors the catheter in place.



Self-Cath Male Intermittent Catheter

PG#: 00001v76408
By: Self-Cath

Single-use Self-Cath male catheters designed for intermittent self-catheterization.


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Robinson-Nelaton Straight Red Rubber Catheter - Sterile

PG#: 00001vRU351014
By: Teleflex Medical Inc

Sterile all purpose intermittent catheter with 2 opposing eyes. (Box of 100)

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Coloplast Self-Cath Soft Catheter

PG#: 00001v76110
By: Self-Cath

Straight tip soft catheter is easy to use and comfortable for self-catheterization.



Closed System Insertion Tray - Sterile

PG#: 00001v57899618
By: Lubricath

Sterile contents: 10 cc pre-filled syringe with sterile water, 5 rayon balls, 2 oz specimen container and label, PVP solution, plastic forceps, latex gloves, 10 cc lubricant in syringe, drape and underpad.


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SpeediCath Hydrophillic Catheters

PG#: 00001v6228416
By: Speedicath

Unisex, pre-hydrated catheters. Ready to use right out of the package. Multiple French sizes avail. (Box of 30).

was $79.99

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Single Suction Graduated SAFE-T-VAC Catheters

PG#: 00001v6831020
By: Curity

Graduated single suction catheters available in a large variety of sizes.



Dover® Rob-Nel® Catheter - Sterile

PG#: 00001v61492017
By: Dover

Sterile intermittent catheter. 16 inch length. Available in french sizes 8 - 18.


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Antibacterial Personal Catheter®

PG#: 00001vRH61914
By: Bard

The Antibacterial Personal Catheter provides a urinary antiseptic to the urethral-catheter boundary during catheterization.


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Self-Cath Pediatric Intermittent Catheter

PG#: 00001v76306
By: Self-Cath

Self-Cath Pediatric catheters have been designed to accurately fit pediatrics.



FloCath Hydrophillic Intermittent Catheter

PG#: 00001vRU22080012
By: Flocath

Designed to provide the lowest incidence of friction possible for quick and easy insertion.


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SpeediCath Intermittent Female Catheter

PG#: 00001v6228508
By: Speedicath

SpeediCath single units are ready-to-use hydrophilic-coated female catheter. Easy to carry, store and use.



SpeediCath Compact Catheters for Women

PG#: 00001v62285840
By: Speedicath

Permanently hydrated and packed in a sterile solution. Ready to use right out of the pack. Female catheters. (Box of 30)

was $79.99

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Self-Cath Plus Hydrophilic Coated Catheter

PG#: 00001v764414
By: Self-Cath

Intermittent catheter with special lubrication that activates upon exposure to water.


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SpeediCath Intermittent Pediatric Catheter

PG#: 00001v6228708
By: Speedicath

SpeediCath single units are ready-to-use hydrophilic-coated pediatric catheter. Easy to carry, store and use.



Dover® Red Rubber Robinson Catheter - Sterile

PG#: 00001v61660143
By: Dover

Radiopaque, with smooth rounded tip, integral tapered funnel end and 2 opposing eyes. 16 Inches.


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Self-Cath Plus Pediatric Intermittent Catheter

PG#: 00001v764310
By: Self-Cath

The Self-Cath Plus Hydrophilic Pediatric Catheter is designed for single-use, intermittent self-catheterization.



Self-Cath Plus Soft Intermittent Catheter

PG#: 00001v764114
By: Self-Cath

Self-Cath Plus Soft for Intermittent Self-Catheterization is comfortable and easy to use.



Self-Cath Tapered Tip CoudÃ

PG#: 00001v76608
By: Self-Cath

Sterile catheters with coude tip for urtheral passages that are more difficult to manage.


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SureCath Catheter Set with Insertion Supplies

PG#: 00001v6228036
By: Surecath

Hydrophilic-coated catheter set with sterile solution enclosed in a single-use, ready-to-use collection bag.



Self-Cath Olive Tip Coudé With Guide Stripe

PG#: 00001v76810
By: Self-Cath

Olive tip coude intermittent catheter for difficult to navigate urethra



SpeediCath Male Coude Tip Catheter

PG#: 00001v6228490
By: Speedicath

SpeediCath makes catheterization more comfortable and reduces the risk of urethral microtrauma, even if you have to self-catheterize for a lifetime.



Red Rubber Catheter - Sterile

PG#: 00001v579412
By: Bard

All-purpose, urethral, X-ray opaque with funnel end and round, hollow tip. 16 Inch. (Case of 100)

was $174.99

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