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Catheter Insertion Kit/Trays

Freeship Kits with catheters, drain bags, wipes, swabsticks, gloves, underpads & more.
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BARDIA Foley Insertion Kit with Catheter

PG#: 00001v57800316
By: Bardia

Foley Insertion Kit with Catheter by Bard Medical Division.


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EZ Gripper Intermittent Catheter Kit

PG#: 00001vNB52114
By: Mtg

Sterile catheter kit with everything needed for full functionality


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Kenguard Insertion Tray without Catheter - Sterile - PVP Swab Style

PG#: 00001v6876010
By: Kenguard

PVP swab style sterile catheter insertion tray kit without catheter. Available 10cc and 30cc syringe sizes.


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Sterile Suction Catheter Kits Without Solution

PG#: 00001v6837024
By: Kendall

Sterile suction catheter kit. Available in French sizes 10,12,14, and 16.


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Urethral Open Style Catheter Tray - Sterile

PG#: 00001v6875000
By: Kenguard

Urethral catheter tray kit in vinyl or rubber. With or without Catheter.


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Touch Free Pocket Catheter System

PG#: 00001v5093104
By: Advance Plus

Catheter system is small and hands-free making it convenient and sanitary.



Bard Foley Catheter Universal Insertion Tray - Sterile

PG#: 00001v57782102
By: Bard

Insertion tray By Bard Medical Division.


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Coude Intermittent Latex Catheters by Medline

PG#: 00003vDYND13614
By: Medline Industries

Red rubber latex urethral catheters are suitable for male or femalecatheterization


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Bardex Closed System Insertion Tray - Sterile

PG#: 00001v57899618
By: Lubricath

Sterile contents: 10 cc pre-filled syringe with sterile water, 5 rayon balls, 2 oz specimen container and label, PVP solution, plastic forceps, latex gloves, 10 cc lubricant in syringe, drape and underpad.


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Curity Foley Trays with Ultramer Latex Catheter

PG#: 00001v686014
By: Curity

Curity catheter kit with Foley tray, latex catheter, exam gloves, and all other required catheter instruments.

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Self-Cath Straight Tipped - Sterile - Female

PG#: 00001v76208
By: Self-Cath

Funnel end, female catheters. For intermittent general catheterization. All sizes. (Box of 30)


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Bardia Catheter Trays

PG#: 00001v57802214
By: Bardia

Bardia all-purpose urethral catheters are radiopaque with a round, hollow tip and have two opposing drainage eyes.


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Female Urethral Catheterization Kit (Closed)

PG#: 00001v683411
By: Dover

Female specific catheterization kit. Available in cases of 25.


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SureCath Catheter Set with Insertion Supplies

PG#: 00001v6228036
By: Surecath

Hydrophilic-coated catheter set with sterile solution enclosed in a single-use, ready-to-use collection bag.



Hollister Advance Plus™ Intermittent Catheter Kit

PG#: 00001v5096144
By: Advance Plus

Advance Plusâ„¢ Closed intermittent catheter system with patented gel reservoir allows you to manage incontinence.



Coloplast Self-Cath Unisex Closed System

PG#: 00001v761008
By: Self-Cath

Self-contained intermittent catheter system by Coloplast. Fully protected within its own closed sterile field. All sizes. (Box of 50)


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Cure Catheter Closed System Kit

PG#: 00001vCQCS8
By: Cure Medical

Kits include the Cure Catheter a nonstaining BZK wipe, three Povidone-iodine swabsticks, one pair of ambidextrous gloves, a sterile wipe and an underpad.


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