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Hoyer Lifts


Hoyer Advance-H Pro Hydraulic Patient Lift

PG#: 000045vHOY-ADVANCE-H     By: Hoyer Lifts

The Advance Manual Patient Lift from Hoyer represents a true step forward in patient lift design and performance. It uses the very latest design and manufacturing technologies



Hoyer Advance-E Pro Electric Patient Lift

PG#: 000045vHOY-ADVANCE-E     By: Hoyer Lifts

The lightweight electric advance patient lift has outstanding range of motion for ease of use. this unit allows for patient lift throughout the house.



Hoyer HML400 Hydraulic Patient Lift

PG#: 000045vHML400     By: Hoyer Lifts

Our most popular Homecare lift, The HML400 has an ergonomically placed hydraulic pump for ease of use.



Hoyer HPL402 Electric Patient Lift

PG#: 000045vHPL402     By: Hoyer Lifts

The HPL402 features ergonomic handle grips to reduce back strain and a mechanical down-release lever for non-powered lowering



Hoyer HPL700 Bariatric Patient Lift

PG#: 000045vHPL700-S2     By: Hoyer Lifts

Hoyer HPL700 is a uniquely designed, electronically operated patient lift for the safe lifting of a diverse patient population



Hoyer Journey Patient Stand Aid Lift

PG#: 000045vHOY-JOURNEY-S     By: Hoyer Lifts

Hoyer Journey stand assist lift is ultra compact and portable giving this lift the best functionality.