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Hoyer 4 Point Mesh Bath U-Sling

Quick drying Nylon Mesh Bath Slings available with or without Head Support great for wet environments.


Hoyer Advance-H Pro Hydraulic Patient Lift

The Advance Manual Patient Lift from Hoyer represents a true step forward in patient lift design and performance. It uses the very latest design and manufacturing technologies


Hoyer 4 Point Padded U-Sling

The Hoyer 4-Pt Padded U-Sling features durable polyester with closed-cell foam padding for user comfort.


Hoyer Quickfit Padded Sling

The Hoyer Advance QuickFit Padded Sling provides a full level of comfort and support with a fully padded polyester material.


Hoyer Journey Patient Stand Aid Lift

Hoyer Journey stand assist lift is ultra compact and portable giving this lift the best functionality.


Hoyer Deluxe Stand-Aid Sling

The Deluxe Stand-Aid Sling is used in conjunction with the Hoyer Standing Lifts.


Hoyer Deluxe Transport Stand Aid Sling

The hoyer transport sling is suitable for those residents with a degree of weight bearing ability. Gives comfort to users who need help with a stand lift.


Hoyer Quickfit Mesh Sling

The Hoyer QuickFit Mesh Sling provides a easy fit general purpose sling designed to suit most patients with access to bathing and toileting.


Hoyer Advance-E Pro Electric Patient Lift, 6 point

The lightweight electric advance 6 point patient lift has outstanding range of motion for ease of use. this unit allows for patient lift throughout the house.