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Hot & Cold Pads

Freeship Using either hot or cold or alternating the two can provide pain relief. Our selection of pads, gels, sprays and wraps put help exactly where you need it. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right product.

Deluxe King Size Heating Pad

PG#: 00001vCRA53     By: Cara Incorporated

Large Heating Pad with Three heat settings. Sponge pad for moist heat.

  • Product Type: Lower Body Relief



ColPac Heavy Duty Cold Packs - Half Size

PG#: 00002vCHAT1506     By: Complete Medical

Delivers up to 30 minutes of soothing relief from acute pain, swelling and fever. Size: 7.5 x 11 in.

  • Product Type: Lower Body Relief



Bed Buddy Naturals Plush Neck & Hand Wrap

PG#: 00001vRMBBF400212     By: Bed Buddy

Specially designed microwavable neck and hand pouches warm in minutes. ThermaTherapyTM moist heat penetrates deeply to target aches pains tension or arthritis in chronic problem areas such as neck, shoulders and hands.

  • Product Type: Upper Body Relief




PG#: 000030vACC100610     By: Accurate Manufacturing


  • Product Type: Lower Body Relief



Hydrocollator® ColPaC®

PG#: 00001vCH1502     By: Colpac

Hydrocollator® ColPaC®



    Thermophore Petite 4 x17 - Moist Heating Pad

    PG#: 00002v2490A     By: Thermophore

    Thermophore Petite 4 in x 17 in Moist Heating Pad captures moisture from the air and relieves pain of arthritis, backache and muscle soreness.

    • Product Type: Lower Body Relief
    • Size: 10"



    Thermophore Standard 14 x 27 Moist Heating Pad

    PG#: 00002v2490C     By: Thermophore

    Thermophore Standard 14 x 27 Moist Heating Pad forms to your body's contour.

    • Product Type: Lower Body Relief

    was $99.99


    Therabeads® Moist Heat Neck Wrap

    PG#: 00001v6661645050000     By: Briggs

    Microwavable, reusable moist heat wrap is specially contoured for the neck and shoulder area.

    • Product Type: Upper Body Relief



    Hot Water Bottle w/Soft Fabric Cover

    PG#: 00002v2473     By: Complete Medical

    Unique drip-free fabric cover.

    • Product Type: Hot Therapy



    Michael Graves Therma Moist Heating Pad (14 x 27)

    PG#: 00006v10890     By: Drive

    The positioning strap with Velcro-type closure ensures a secure, proper fit for maximum treatment.

    • Product Type: Lower Body Relief


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    Beyond BodiHeat® Original

    PG#: 00001vOKO74984     By: Beyond Bodiheat

    Fast-acting, disposable heat pad that provides 12-hour pain relief. Soothes & comforts sore, aching muscles and relieves back and joint pain.

    • Product Type: Lower Body Relief



    Imak Hot or Cold Eye Pillow

    PG#: 00002v10070     By: Complete Medical

    Black/ Universal Size

    • Product Type: Upper Body Relief



    Bed Buddy Back Wrap

    PG#: 00001vRMBBF508512     By: Bed Buddy

    Designed specifically for relief of nagging lower back pain, stomach cramps and leg, arm or shoulder aches and pains.

    • Product Type: Upper Body Relief



    Adhesive Peel-n-Stick Heating Pad 4.75 in x 6.5 in Box/40

    PG#: 00002vAWES     By: Complete Medical

    Size : 4.75 in. x 6.5 in. Box/40

    • Product Type: Lower Body Relief



    Ice It!® ColdCOMFORT™ Therapy Systems

    PG#: 00001vBT514     By: The Ice It

    Non-toxic Ice It!® - Fast Freeze, Low Temperature, and Long Lasting Pain Relief

    • Product Type: Lower Body Relief



    Reusable Hot & Kold® Gel Packs

    PG#: 00001v6661400569724     By: Briggs

    Reusable Hot and Cold Packs. Simply Microwave or Freeze!

    • Product Type: Lower Body Relief



    Nexcare Reusable ColdHot Pack

    PG#: 00001v881570     By: Nexcare

    Nexcare Reusable ColdHot Pack

    • Product Type: Upper Body Relief



    360° Wrist Therapy Brace

    PG#: 00001vHEI400614     By: 360

    360º Wrist Therapy Brace



      Back Therapy Brace

      PG#: 00001vHEI400629     By: 360

      Back Therapy Brace



        Bed Warmer 18 in x 36 in by Battle Creek Fleece Cover 2-Heat

        PG#: 00002v358     By: Complete Medical

        Bed Warmer 18 in x 36 in with Cream Fleece Cover and 2-Heat Settings is the perfect solution for people with poor circulation or cold feet.

        • Product Type: Lower Body Relief



        Bed Warmer Heating Pad 18 in x 36 in - Canvas Cover Single-Heat

        PG#: 00002vBW058     By: Complete Medical

        Bed Warmer 18 in x 36 in with canvas cover and Single-Heat setting is the perfect solution for people with poor circulation or cold feet.

        • Product Type: Lower Body Relief



        JStim 1000 Infrared Joint System - Hand

        PG#: 00002vJSTIM-H     By: Complete Medical

        Works by sending tiny electrical signals to the joint while combining infrared heat and compression.

        • Product Type: Upper Body Relief



        Thermophore Arthritis Pad - Muff/Hand Size

        PG#: 00002v2489D     By: Complete Medical

        Relive arthritis hand pain. New Four-Stage Therapy Switch provides optimum 20-minute treatments. (8x17 inches)

        • Product Type: Upper Body Relief



        Thermophore Medium 14 x14 - Moist Heating Pad

        PG#: 00002v2490B     By: Thermophore

        Thermophore Medium 14 in x 14 in Moist Heating Pad forms to your body's contour and captures moisture from the air to relieve pain of arthritis, backache and muscle soreness.

        • Product Type: Lower Body Relief


        Choosing The Best Hot & Cold Pads

        Cold and heat therapy are two pain relief strategies that are easy to use, economical and effective, and there are reasons to have both options on hand. A cold pad or ice pack is usually the first step after an injury to prevent or stop swelling and inflammation—that’s why a twisted ankle is usually iced as soon as it happens. Heat is usually used to soothe an area some time after the initial injury has occurred. A hot pad helps in increasing circulation and flexibility, which is why it feels so good on stiff joints and achy muscles and may help before you exercise. There are many options for delivering hot and cold therapy, some low-tech, like the old-fashioned hot water bottle, some high-tech and customized to where you need relief most.

        Electric Heating Pads
        There are many ways to deliver heat therapy, and the simple standard is a heating pad. The Dry Electric Heating Pad has a simple 14” by 12” surface with a removable, washable cover—you simply plug it in and apply it over the area needing heat.

        Moist Heating Pads
        Some people find that their pain responds better to a moist heating pad with similar soothing to that of a hot shower. Look for a pad that produces moist heat automatically. With the Theratherm Digital Moist Heating Pad in a longer shoulder-neck size of 20” by 23”, moisture is drawn from humidity in the air and held in the outer flannel cover. There’s also a digital hand control that lets you program and monitor both the temperature and treatment time. You can choose temperatures between 88 and 166 degrees F and treatment times between 1 and 60 minutes.

        Infrared Heat Therapy
        Far-infrared heat stimulates peripheral blood vessels to improve circulation and help bring oxygen to joints and extremities, which can speed the healing of sprains and strains, relieving pain and reducing recover time after an injury. The Therasage Far-Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Pad features far-infrared heat negative ions and natural jade. When the jade is heated, it emits far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into your body as much as two to three inches below the skin.

        Microwaveable Heat Pads
        For safety when you don’t want to use an electric heating pad, heat pads that get hot in the microwave and don’t need to be plugged in while using are a treatment option. Look for reusable heat pads like Microwaveable Moist Neck Heating Pad with MicroBeads. When heated, the MicroBeads release retained moisture providing therapeutic moist heat. The MicroBeads come stitched into a soft fabric, designed to allow the maximum release of moisture and are shaped to fit the body's contours. They won’t rupture, leak or dry out. Designed to offer safety and convenience, after treatment, the beads absorb moisture back from the air, ready to be used again.

        One Time Relief
        Disposable heat pads and patches offer instant heat therapy without any equipment or power source needed. Beyond BodiHeat Neck, Shoulder, and Wrist Pain Relief is a fast acting heat pad that you apply directly to your skin for up to 6 hours of pain relief. Each disposable, single use pad is odorless and measures 5” x 5.5” so you can pinpoint soothing heat directly where you need it the most.

        Body Shaped Pads
        Most heat treatment options are available in shapes that conform to the bodyparts that need soothing, such as shoulders, neck, back and hands. The Bed Buddy Naturals Plush Neck & Hand Wrap is a great design that soothes neck and shoulders plus has warm pockets for hand therapy. The heat lasts up to an hour and it can be used over and over. The plush cover is removable and washable.

        Cold Comfort
        Icing or applying cold to a sprain needs to happen right away, so it’s smart to keep cold packs ready to go in the freezer. Ice It! packs freeze quicker, maintain low temperatures longer and stay flexible when frozen to mold around painful areas for the most therapeutic benefit. The Comfort-Flex elastic strap secures the system and provides customized compression, so you can move about with it in place if you need to. The plush Stay-Put cover is fully removable for machine wash and dry. Designs are available to suit different bodyparts—there’s a 12” by 13” knee system, a 10.5” by 13” ankle/elbow/foot system and a 13” by 16” shoulder system.

        Hot & Cold Pads In One
        Some packs can provide your choice of cold and heat therapy. Therapod Thermal Relief offers moist heat therapy on one side to relax stiffness, improve flexibility and relieve pain and cold compress therapy on the other for swelling and inflammation. An adjustable, hands-free strap lets you attach it for a comfortable, secure fit.