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For the most reliable, innovative, and highest-quality products in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and at home, choose HealthSmart by Briggs Healthcare. The HealthSmart line has something to aid every part of day-to-day healthcare. Products range from medical equipment like automatic and manual blood pressure monitors, Oximeters, thermometers, and heart rate monitors to getting the best comfort for daily life such as walkers, humidifiers, and pillows. When it comes to children's healthcare, HealthSmart knows that you need to bring a little fun with their animal-themed inhaler vaporizers and thermometers. HealthSmart daily living products are stowable, packable, and easily portable, for superior healthcare outside of the home or healthcare facility.

HealthSmart 26" Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip

26" Aluminum reacher is ideal for a person with limited reaching potential. Comes with serrated jaw that offers more secure grip.


was $37.32

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Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitor - Arm

Bilingual voice guide prompts use and announces readings aloud.


was $93.32

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Healthsmart Manual Home Blood Pressure Monitor With Standard Cuff And Stethoscope

This Manual Blood Pressure Monitor Is Similar To Those Used In Doctors Offices And Hospitals It Gives You Professional Accuracy Without The Need For Electronics Or Batteries. Deluxe Standard Arm Cuff With Attached 22-Inch Stethoscope


was $43.74

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HealthSmart No-Skid Shower Mat

No Skid shower mat reduces the risk of falling or sliding in tub with durable vinyl that resists dirt and mildew.


was $49.32

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Healthsmart Fingertip Pulse Oximeter To Monitor Heart Rate And Oxygen Levels

Blue Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Easy, Fast And Accurate Way To Monitor Your Pulse Rate And Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels, Ideal For Situation In Which A Fast Measurement Of Vital Signs Is Needed.


was $112.49

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HealthSmart Kids Margo Moo Animal Shaped Digital Thermometer

Margo Moo is a friendly cow who makes it more fun for kids to have their temperatures taken. Super fast readings help you take temperatures quickly: 20 seconds for oral, 15 seconds for rectal and 30 seconds for underarm


was $24.99

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Healthsmart Digiscan Infrared Talking Thermometer

The Healthsmart Digiscan Multi-Function Infrared Thermometer Is The Fast And Easy Way To Accurately Read Body Temperatures For You And Your Whole Family with specialized audio readings in multiple languages.


was $62.49

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Healthsmart Bubble Mist Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Bubble Mist Humidifier Will Add Much-Needed Moisture To The Air On Dry Days, Keeping Your Skin Moisturized, Helping You Breathe Easier And Reducing Static Electricity


was $99.99

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Healthsmart Mist Xp Cool Mist Ultrasonic Germ-Free Humidifier

HealthSmart Mist XP Cool Mist Ultrasonic Germ-Free Humidifier T helps you control moisture in the air while adding a sleek touch to any room. Sleep soundly through the night without having to refill the 0.66 gallon tank


was $87.49

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Healthsmart Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer

Created With Children In Mind, Steam Inhaler Will Make Them Smile As It Produces A Soothing, Steady Steam To Help Them Breathe Easier. Helps Relieve Allergy, Cold, Flu And Sinus Symptoms


was $74.99

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Healthsmart Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter To Monitor Heart Rate And Oxygen Levels, Bi-Directional With Case, Green

Green Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Easy, Fast And Accurate Way To Monitor Your Pulse Rate And Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels, Ideal For Situation In Which A Fast Measurement Of Vital Signs Is Needed.


was $162.49

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Healthsmart Sit-To-Stand Folding Walker, Toilet Safety Frame

This Versatile Walker Has Two Handle Positions, One Lower And One Higher, Giving You Something Stable To Grab On To As You Stand Up From A Seated Position. Blue and Black color


was $124.99

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Healthsmart Euro Style Rollator Walker, Folding, Compact, Lightweight Aluminum

This Lightweight Healthsmart Euro Rollator Is As Fun As It Is Functional with Mesh Seats the Padded Backrest Gives You A Comfortable Place To Rest. The Compact Design Weighs Only 17 lbs. Black, Purple or Titanium color.


was $312.49

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Healthsmart Two-Party Home Blood Pressure Kit

Two-Party blood pressure kit allows for easy monitoring and use with 22" stethoscope


was $43.74

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Healthsmart Therabeads Microwavable Heating Pad

Microwaveable heating pad with therabeads technology provides deep penetrating heat within minutes to relieve pain, soreness and stiffness.


was $46.65

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HealthSmart 32" Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip

32 inch reacher has magnetic tip to help pickup lightweight metal. Great option for those in need of grip help.


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HealthSmart Adjustable Length Reacher

Adjustable healthsmart reacher gives the patient more freedom to reach and grab items.


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