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Handheld Massagers

Freeship Handheld massagers mimic the experience of a professional massage. They put mild pressure on knotted muscle groups and help relieve tension throughout the body.

Thera Cane Deep Pressure Massager

PG#: 000030vTHE159     By: Thera Med




Index Knobber II Massager

PG#: 00002v6081     By: Complete Medical

Used to apply deep compression of muscular trigger points.



The Palmassager

PG#: 00002v6086A     By: Complete Medical

Massages tense, tired or sore muscles of the arms, leg, back, neck and shoulders.



Jacknobber II Massager

PG#: 00002v6082     By: Complete Medical

Allows pain-releasing pressure using the 4 points with knobs.



The Orbit Massager

PG#: 00002v6080     By: Complete Medical

Hand held massager with smooth, comfortable shape relaxes stressed muscles.




PG#: 00002v6088     By: Complete Medical

Innovative rolling massager equipped with two knobbed wheels.



Backnobber II Massager

PG#: 00002v6083     By: Complete Medical

Deep muscle therapy device constructed of reinforced polymeric resins. Comes with a 35-page fully illustrated user guide.



Conair Body-Flex w/Heat Massager

PG#: 00002vWM200     By: Complete Medical

Five massaging surfaces include large head and concentrator knob.



Luxury Turbo Bath Spa

PG#: 00002v1877     By: Complete Medical

Turn your bath into a luxurious jet spa.

was $106.65



PG#: 000030vRPI118     By: Intracel

Marathon Stick. Most flexible of small models, yellow grips, 10 spindles, 20", 10 oz. Sold by the each.