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EZ-Shampoo Deluxe Hair Washing Basin

PG#: 000028vB1005DB
By: Ez Access

Inflatable hair washing bas designed for comfortable & convenient in-bed shampooing. Heavy-duty vinyl. Lighweight & portable.



Jobar Long Reach Comfort Wipe

PG#: 00001vJIIJB5231
By: Jobar International, Inc

Jobar Long Reach Comfort WipeThe answer to personal hygiene when reaching is difficult. Ergonomic shape helps those with limited dexterity. Soft flexible head grips toilet paper, tissue or pre-moistened wipes securely. Contains a unique release button for fast, sanitary disposal.


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EZ-Shower (Water holder bag only)

PG#: 000028vB1006B
By: Ez Access

EZ-Shower System Allows Full Hair Wash From Bed when used with the EZ-SHampoo Deluxe Hair Washing Basin



Rectangular Plastic Washbasins

PG#: 00003vDYND80342H
By: Medline Industries

Rectangular plastic washbasin for use for a variety of needs.


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Autodrop® Eyedropper Aid

PG#: 00001vOWOP6000
By: Autodrop

Eye drop guide for easier and more accurate eye drop instillation.



Hair Washing Tray by Jobar

PG#: 00001vJIIJB4722
By: Jobar International, Inc

Jobar Hair Washing Tray 17-3/4" x 13" x 1-3/4" Plastic Construction, Easy-to-Use


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Inflatable Hair Shampooer

PG#: 000010v5358

Heavy-duty inflatable plastic water basin. Perfect for shampooing. Complete with drainage hose



3-in-1 Mirror

PG#: 000010v1770

Silvered mirror; one side plain, one side 3x magnification for individuals who cannot see close.



Rinsette Plastic Basin Tray

PG#: 000010v5356

Molded styrene tray for washing hair, dressing head wounds, or irrigating ears.


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