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Making healthy choices has never been so easy. Glucerna products are a convenient and delicious addition to diet programs designed to manage diabetes and control weight. Glucerna 8 oz. Ready-to-Use Shakes, Hunger Smart 11.5 oz. Shakes, and Crispy Delights Nutrition Bars are created with CarbSteady, which includes slowly digestible carbohydrates, to help minimize blood sugar spikes and satisfy your hunger. All products provide essential antioxidant vitamins C and E. Vitamin C helps support healthy bones, tissues, ligaments, and blood vessels. Vitamin E supports normal cell structure, enzyme function, and a healthy nervous system. Glucerna products should only to be used under medical supervision as part of a diabetes management plan.
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Glucerna 1.5 Cal Vanilla 250 mL Nutrition Can

Glucerna is a unique blend with enhanced glycemic control for patients with diabetes. Can be used for tube feeding or oral consumption


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Glucerna Crispy Delights Nutrition Bars

Glucerna Crispy Delights Nutrition Bars are a convenient way to help stick to your weight loss plan.


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Glucerna Shake 8 oz. Bottle Ready to Use

Each Glucerna Shake has CARBSTEADY®, which includes slowly digestible carbohydrates designed to help minimize blood sugar spikes.


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Glucerna Hunger Smart Shake 10 oz. Bottle

Glucerna hunger smart 10 oz. bottle is a diabetes shake that includes carbsteady a slowly digestable carbohydrate.


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Glucerna Therapeutic Nutrition Shake 8 oz.

Glucerna 8 oz. Can therapeutic nutrition with essential vitamins and minerals to help with diabetic nutrition.


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Glucerna 1.0 Cal Vanilla 8 oz. Carton

a reduced-carbohydrate, modified-fat, fiber-containing formula clinically shown to blunt blood-glucose response in patients with abnormal glucose tolerance


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Glucerna 1.2 Cal Vanilla 8 oz. Can

Glucerna 1.2 Cal is an calorically dense formula with a unique carbohydrate blend for enhanced glycemic control and fish oil to support cardiovascular health.


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Glucerna Mini Snacks Nutrition Bars

Glucerna Mini snacks are a convenient on the go bar for diabetic patients with only 80 calories and carbsteady to help keep sugar controlled.


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Glucerna Advance Shake 8 oz. Bottle

Most advanced nutrition for people with diabetes. Blood Sugar Management: Carb Steady Ultra, our most advanced blend to help minimize blood sugar spikes.


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