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Gifts For The Home

Freeship There are so many gifts for the home that make life easier and more comfortable for the elderly. Shop here for helpful items for the home that promote safety, fun and more!
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Safety Bed Rail by Stander

PG#: 000025v8050
By: Stander

30 Inch Safety Bed Rail by Stander. Metal bed rails that are easy to fold down and out of the way.

  • Bed Size: King
  • Attributes and Features: Single Side
  • Boxspring and Mattress Type: Hospital Spring Mattress
  • Rail Height: 23"
  • Rail Finish: Dark Rails
  • Usage Type: In/Out Assist
  • Brand: Stander
  • Mattress Heights: 10"-19"


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Unisar DH900 TV Listening System

PG#: 000029vHC-DH900
By: Unisar

  • Product Type: Listening System


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Assist-A-Tray by Stander

PG#: 000025v2050
By: Stander

The Assist-A-Tray by Stander, Inc. is a safety handle standing aid and swiveling tray for any couch, chair or recliner.

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    Medline Standard Overbed Table

    PG#: 00003vMDS104015
    By: Medline Industries

    Medline Standard Overbed Table. Go with the classic if you need a dependable overbed table.

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      Sweetheart Alarm

      PG#: 00008vSA-SBH400SS
      By: Sonic Alert

      Heart shaped alarm clock with pulsating action.


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        Audio Fox TV Listening Speaker System

        PG#: 000029vHC-AFTV-T
        By: Audio Fox

        The Audio Fox TV Listening Speaker System gives you personal volume control of crystal clear TV sound!

        • Product Type: Listening System


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        Home Overbed Table By Carex

        PG#: 00001vRMP56800
        By: Carex

        Home Overbed Table by Carex. A stylish, adjustable, tilt-top table with a catch-all ledge.


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