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Freeship Handy gadgets like hands free book holders, massagers, playing card holders, swivel seat cushions, and more.
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Able Life Auto Assist Grab Bar

PG#: 000025v8120
By: Able Life

The Auto Assist Grab Bar makes it easy to get in-and-out of the car.

    was $37.49


    Serene Innovations TV SoundBox TV Listening Speaker

    PG#: 000029vHC-TVSB
    By: Serene Innovations

    The TV SoundBox from Serene Innovations is a TV amplifier listening speaker that is completely wireless so you can even listen to your show in other rooms

    • Product Type: Listening System

    was $186.65


    Swivel Seat Cushion

    PG#: 00006vRTLAGF-300
    By: Drive

    Makes getting on or off a seat or chair easy and comfortable - Car seats too!

      was $33.72

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      Reizen Loud Ear Hearing Enhancer

      PG#: 000029vHC-R/AMP
      By: Reizen

      Loud ear hearing enhancer is a portable personal sound amplifier with built in microphone, range up to 100 feet with clear and loud sound

      • Product Type: Personal Amplifier



      Serene Innovations TV SoundBox Additional Charging Base

      PG#: 000029vHC-TVSB/BASE
      By: Serene Innovations

      TV Soundbox charging base provides recharhing anywhere in the home, charges only does not transmit.



        30913 LogicMark Lock Box for a spare key

        PG#: 00008vLM-GA911-LockBox
        By: Logicmark

        LogicMark lock box prevent costly repairs due to forced entries from emergencies



          Self-Wipe Bathroom Toilet Aid

          PG#: 00003vMDSL1200
          By: Maddak Inc

          Rotating handle allows for accurate placement.

            was $79.99

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            Serene Innovations ReNew Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener

            PG#: 000029vHC-RENEW
            By: Serene Innovations

            The ReNew Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener can help keep your hearing instruments clean at home or while traveling.

            • Product Type: Hearing Accessories



            Alarm Clock Classic

            PG#: 000029vHC-BA-CLASSIC
            By: Bellman & Symfon

            With the Alarm Clock Classic you don



              Unisar DH900 TV Listening System

              PG#: 000029vHC-DH900
              By: Unisar

              • Product Type: Listening System



              Zewa Scale and Body Composition with Bluetooth Capabilities

              PG#: 00001vZEW21300
              By: Zewa

              Zewa's Bluetooth Scale and Body Composition Analyzer is one of a kind connected health product. It uses Bluetooth BLE to sync information with Zewa's free Mobile App

                was $126.65


                Alarm Clock Pro Vibrating Alarm Clock from Bellman & Symfon

                PG#: 000029vHC-BA-PROCLK
                By: Lifestyle Essentials

                The Bellman Vibrating Alarm Clock Pro wakes you with high-intensity LED lights and a powerful bed shaker that emits sound from directly under the pillow.

                  was $137.49


                  Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra Personal Sound Amplifier Duo Pack System

                  PG#: 000029vWS-PKTD1-EH
                  By: Williams Sound

                  This Pocketalker includes both a single earphone and a folding headphone, making it a great value for personal sound amplification.

                  • Product Type: Personal Amplifier



                  The ADDvox7 Voice Speech Amplifier

                  PG#: 000029vHC-ADDVOX7
                  By: Addvox7

                  The ADDvox7 is ideal for individuals with temporary or permanent voice impairments and for those who rely on an electronic speech aid, voice prosthesis or who use esophageal speech.



                    Silent Call Shake-Up System with Sidekick Receiver and Strobe Vibration

                    PG#: 000029vSC-SHKUP/VREC
                    By: Lifestyle Essentials

                    The Shake-Up System offers visual and tactile alerting when the smoke detector goes off, great for people who are deaf or visually impaired.



                      TruTone Electronic Artificial Larynx

                      PG#: 000029vGR-LARYNX
                      By: Trutone

                      The TruTone is a highly adjustable electrolarynx speech aid that produces an excellent voice for individuals with vocal speech difficulties.


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