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Feminine Pads

Feminine Pads is an absorbent item worn in the underwear when menstruating, bleeding after giving birth, recovering from gynecologic surgery, experiencing a miscarriage or abortion, or in any other situation where it is necessary to absorb a flow of blood from the Vagina. There are several different types of disposable pads: The shape, absorbency and lengths may vary depending on manufacturer, but usually range from the short slender panty liner to the larger and longer overnight. Long pads are offered for extra protection or for larger people whose undergarments might not be completely protected by regular length pads, and also for overnight use. We carry the top brands and great prices!
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Feminine Pad U by Kotex Security Maxi

PG#: 00005v1094706_BG
By: Kotex

U by Kotex is More absorbent for when you need it most and made with material that absorbs liquid in seconds to help keep you dry and protected all day

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