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External Catheters

Freeship (a.k.a. condom catheters) These fit over the penis & connect to a drainage bag to collect urine.
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Everyday Male External Catheter

PG#: 00001v509108     By: Everyday

Latex. Easy to apply with its plastic collar; securely attaches and seals to the skin by its integral adhesive. (Box of 30)


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Silicone Male External Catheters

PG#: 00001v5097529     By: Inview

Latex-free external catheters. Silicone material is non-irritating. (Box of 30)

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Conveen® Security+ Self-sealing Male External Catheter

PG#: 00001v625225H     By: Conveen

Self-sealing, male external catheter features push ring for easier connection to a leg bag & anti-kink bulb. Latex Free. (Box of 100)


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UltraFlex® Self-Adhering Catheter

PG#: 00001vRH33102     By: Ultraflex

The size and clear, breathable silicone design works well for a wide range of patients. (Box of 100)


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WideBand® Self-adhering Catheter

PG#: 00001vRH36102     By: Wideband

Designed to stay on, the WideBand® features 70% greater adhesive area than traditional self-adhering catheters. (Box of 100)


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Freedom Cath® External Catheter

PG#: 00001v768200     By: Freedom

Self-adhering, for standard everyday use. No straps to strangulate or constrict. (Box of 100).


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Active Cath®

PG#: 00001v768300     By: Active Cath

Self-adhering, 1-piece catheter for active men who want extended wear. Comforable latex sheath. Wide, waterright seal. (Box of 100)


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Clear Advantage External Catheter

PG#: 00001v766200     By: Freedom

Latex-free to improve breathability with aloe and kink-resistant nozzle. Designed for maximum wear time. (Box of 100)


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Freedom Clear Latex Free External Catheter

PG#: 00001v765200     By: Freedom

100% latex-free, self-adhering male catheter with kink-resistant nozzle for everyday wear. (Box of 100)


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Freedom Clear Long Seal External Catheter

PG#: 00001v765290     By: Freedom

Features a longer length adhesive seal on a thin sheath, providing added security and comfort. (Box of 100)


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Silicone External Catheter w/ Plastic Caps.

PG#: 00001v5097636     By: Inview

Non-irritating, silicone male catheters with plastic disposable caps. (Box of 30)


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Conveen Male Self-Adhering External Catheter

PG#: 00001v6222025     By: Conveen

Self-adhering siliconee catheter is packaged in a discreet, recyclable smart pack.


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Cure Male Intermittent Catheter with Coude Tip

PG#: 00001vCQM14C     By: Cure Medical

Economical catheters are a safe alternative for most popular types of catheters.



Rochester Medical Male Hydrophilic Personal Catheter

PG#: 00001vRH63614     By: Bard

Hydrophilic Personal Catheter packaged with its own sterile water.



Coloplast Conveen Security Leg Bag with Clamp Tap

PG#: 00001v6221027     By: Conveen

Coloplast Conveen Security Leg Bag is a latex-free bag that includes pre-attached, adjustable, anti-kink tubing that can be cut to desired length.


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