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eWheels EW-M35 Lightweight Four Wheel Medical Mobility Scooter

The EW-M35 sets the standard for quality and portability. With its tubular design and reinforced frame structure, none other will compare.


eWheels EW-M34 Four Wheel Medical Mobility Scooter

The EW-M34, a Candy Apple Red four-wheeled, foldable scooter with a top speed of 4.5 mph, weight capacity of 300 pounds


eWheels Scooter Cover

This cover provides all weather protection for your scooter. Made from strong and durable water resistant polyester, this cover protects from dirt, tree sap and other elements.


eWheels Mobility Scooter Cupholder

eWheels Cupholder is made out of polyester which withstands typical wear and tear better than traditional plastic cupholders.


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eWheels Medical EW-M45 Folding Power Wheelchair

The EW-M45 is a power wheelchair designed with travel in mind. Weighing just 59 pounds, this chair folds in half in only a few steps.


eWheels Medical EW-M48 Power Wheelchair

The EW-M48 uses a unique 10” front wheel set-up that positions the drive wheel forward at the user’s center of gravity, making it extremely stable and high performing on all types of surfaces.


eWheels EW-Rugged Electric Mountain Bike

The EWheels EW-Rugged Mountain Bike. 36 Volt Electric Mountain Bike is a Lithium Battery powered Electric Bicycle.


eWheels EW-M33 Three Wheel Medical Mobility Scooter

The EW-M33 is absolutely the best value scooter on the market today! It is one of the lightest scooters weighing just 82 lbs.


eWheels EW-Vintage Four Wheel Mobility Scooter

This spectacular VINTAGE style scooter design is absolutely stunning! Beautiful chrome adorns the hood and front bumper. Like all EWheels scooters, the quality of paint, chrome, and finish are superb in every way.


eWheels EW-Bugeye Three Wheel Mobility Scooter

eWheels EW-Bugeye Three Wheel Mobility Scooter


eWheels EW-14 Four Wheel Mobility Scooter

The EW-14 Four Wheel Scooter has a maximum speed of 15 MPH and can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge.


eWheels EW-12 Three Wheel Mobility Scooter

The EW-12 features a state of the art digital tablet display and three different storage areas.


eWheels EW- BAM Supreme Electric Mountain Bike

The BAM EW-SUPREME is the newest of our powerful EBikes with some great added features including front and rear fenders, rear rack, front and rear electric light.


eWheels EW-10 Sport Three Wheel Scooter

EW-10 Striking. Athletic. Instantly recognizable. Its bold appearance, like any EWheels, is not shaped by accident. It is Shaped by Performance.