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Essential Medical

Essential Medical Hospital Bed Sheets - Cotton/Polyester Blend

White hospital fitted and top sheets from Essential Medical. Cotton/poly blend. 130 thread count.


was $30.65

Essential Medical Hand Bed Rail

Bed Rail with chrome pated steel non-slip grip to help user in and out of bed safely


Essential Medical Toliet Seat Riser

Riser easy to install raising seat by 3 1/2 " in standard and elongated bowls


Contour Style Vinyl Mattress Protectors - Home Bed Sizes

Vinyl mattress covers with elastic contoured edges. Home bed sizes.


Fiber Filled Heel Protector

Cushioned heel protector filled with fiber to protect from bed sores.


Zippered Replacement Covers - Foam Bed Wedges

Replacement covers for foam bed wedges of different depths.


Deluxe Padded Transfer/Gait Belt

Padded gait/transfer belt with four webbed loops in the back for additional safety.


Essential Medical Hospital Bed Fitted Color Sheets

Fitted hospital bed sheet from essential medical in blue or burgundy.


was $46.65

Essential Medical Sheepette Synthetic Sheepskin Bed Pads

Comfortable Sheep Material helping with bed sores, skin shear


Essential Medical Hospital Bed Set with Jersey Knit Fitted Sheet

Hospital bed set with jersey sheets instead of basic sheets. Comparable to other hospital bed sets.


Essential Medical Toilet Seat Riser With Removable Arms

For standard and elongated toilet bowl padded riser with removable arms for more support


Essential Medical Quik-Sorb Hospital Bed Pad

soft, quilted cotton surface for cool comfort and a highly absorbent soaker layer for complete bedding protection


Padded Raised Toilet Seat

Cushioned toilet seat riser. Easy to clean! Provides extreme comfort and also makes getting on/off the toilet easier.


Shower Bench With Padded Removable Arms

These shower benches feature removable, padded arms in a back or non-back style.


Zippered Mattress Protectors - Home Bed Sizes

Full enclosure, zipper closing, vinyl mattress covers for home beds. Available in twin, full, queen & king sizes.


was $31.99

Fleece Covered Wheelchair Cushion

The Essential Fleece Covered Coccyx Cushion is just what your customers need!


Essential Medical Sheepette Synthetic Sheepskin Elbow Protector

Elbow Protector reduces pressure to prevent ulcers and helps air circulation


Designer Series Comfort Ring by Essential Medical

Comfort ring is designed for extra comfort users who are looking for donut cushion this product gets the highest marks with high quality.


Essential Medical Sheepette Synthetic Sheepskin Heel Protector

Heel protector reduces pressure to prevent skin shear and greater circulation


Convoluted Foam Bed Pads - Home Bed Sized

Home bed sized foam egg create mattress pads. Various thicknesses and sizes available.


Nylon Wheelchair Bag

This wheelchair bag is large, nylon, waterproof, and fits most wheelchairs.


Memory Foam Sculpted Seat Cushion

Anatomically correct memory foam seat cushion from Essential Medical.


Essential Medical Anatomic Knee Separator

Provides ideal allignment in the knees unique hour glass shape


The Cushion by Essential Medical

Cushion can be used as comfort, donut and coccyx style cushions molded to meet needs of user.


Essential Medical Free Spirit Knee and Leg Walker

Knee walker aid desinged to make the patient self suffiecent to get around without having to spend all the energy using crutches


Easy Basket Walker Basket

Durable white vinyl coated basket with tool-less installation and universal fit.


Elevating Leg Rest with Cover

Elevating leg rest with incline front and stable top.


was $79.99

Deluxe Adult Bib

Deluxe adult bibs by Essential Medical. Waterproof vinyl and plaid color. Available in bulk ordering. (Individual or Box of 12)


Aluminum Blanket & Sheet Support

This aluminum bed stand keeps blankets and sheets off the feet and legs. Height adjustable.


Standard Adult Bib

Basic bib available in bulk ordering. Light blue terrycloth. Hook and loop rear enclosure. (Individual or Box or 12)


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Essential Medcial Jersey Knit Sheets for Hospital Beds

White cotton/poly blend contour fitted hospital bed sheets from Essential Medical. (Each-1, Case-12)


was $43.99

Zippered Mattress Protectors - Hospital Bed Size

Hospital bed size, zipper style (full enclosure) vinyl mattress covers. Case of 12.


was $106.65

Cotton/Polyester Pillow Case

Basic cotton/polyester pillow case available in white.


Essential Medical Hospital Bedding Set with Pillow Protector

Hospital bed set which includes a bottom and top sheets as well as a vinyl pillow protector.


was $66.65

Essential Medical Hospital Bedding Sets

Basic and deluxe hospital bed sets with all essentials for a full hospital bed set except a pillow.


Vinyl Pillow Protectors - Zippered Style

Individually packaged, full enclosure vinyl pillow protectors. Two sizes available.


Convoluted Foam Bed Pads - Hospital Bed Sized

Hospital bed sized foam, egg create mattress pads. Various thicknesses available. (Case of 6)


Utensil Set

This utensil set includes each utensil to eat a full meal - spoon, fork, knife.


Key Turner Tool

Tool to provide greater placing and turning area for keys.


Essential Medical 2" Gel Cushion

Essential Medical 2" Gel Cushion provides pressure relief with a zippered cover for convenience.


Essential Medical Sheepette Walker Grip Covers

Walker grip cover to sooth hands for superior comfort great for arthritis patients


Essential Medical Sheepette Crutch Cover Set

Crutch set material reducing skin sheer that provides superior user comfort


Essential Medical Quik-Sorb 17" X 24" Birdseye Chair Pad

Reusable underpad 100% cotton top sheet with liquidfill absorbent center


Essential Medical Quik-Sorb Cotton Quilted Bed/Sofa Pad

Absorbent cotton quilted sofa pad, dryable up to 300 times for incontinent help


Essential Medical Quik-Sorb Brushed Polyester Bed/Sofa Pad

Polyester fabric bed pad with waterproof back and quilted top sheets


Essential Medical Quik-Sorb Deluxe Reusable Underpad with Tucks

Heavyweight reusable underpads give the user comfort with absorbent center


Essential Medical Quik-Sorb Plaid Reusable Bed/Sofa Underpad

Waterproof back machine washable underpad for the bed and sofa with quilted top sheet for incontinence


Essential Medical Quik-Sorb Reusable Underpad with Straps

Reusable underpad with long straps to help caregiver and keep patient comfortable


Essential Medical Quik-Sorb Furniture Protection Pads

Protection pad for lifts chairs and other furniture for incontinence


Designer Series Back Cushion by Essential Medical

Designer back cushion features ergonomic comfort and high quality that designs to the back of the user for increased support.


Bed Rail Pouch with 3 Pockets by Essential Medical (Rail not included)

Bed rail pouch has 3 pockets for remotes, phones and any essential handheld device. Great addition to any bed rail (not included)


Super BigFoot Standing Cane Tip by Essential Medical

Big foot standing cane tip has flexibility that is second to none. Works on any standard cane with great functionality.


Essential Medical Hospital Bed Color Sheet Sets

Bed sheet set with burgundy and light blue colors from essential.


was $67.99