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With today's advanced technology, lugging around heavy wheelchairs meant to promote mobility in no longer a necessity. In fact, mobility and ease of transportation have made great strides in the important arena of wheelchair manufacturing. With this in mind, the mobility masters at Karman have proudly released their latest product with the hopes of redefining the ultralight wheelchair, while maintaining the most competitive prices. They accomplished this by utilizing Aircraft Grade T6 Alu, a competitive metal with the most efficient geometry possible while designing the wheelchair.The result is a fully functional, lightweight wheelchair that is far more economical than its Titanium competitors, bringing the savings straight into the homes of those who've been waiting for the ultimate in wheelchair mobility. Optional Anti Tippers for the Karman Ergo Flight Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

The Ergo Flight Ultra Light Weight Wheelchair is available in two seat widths - 16" and 18" and two axle types - "fixed" (large back wheels cannot be removed for storage/transport) and "quick release" (large back wheels can be removed easily for storage/transport.) This wheelchair is crafted from Aircraft grade aluminum, which supports up to 220 lbs. With a wheelchair frame weight of only 14.5 pounds, this chair has a strength to weight ratio of over 13 times its own weight. The built-in seat cushion is anti-bacterial and easy to clean and the footrests are detachable. These wheelchairs all have fixed armrests with concave arm pads, 20" rear polyurethane tires, 6" x 1" front casters and built-in carrying pouches. Each wheelchair folds down for transportation and/or storage and comes in a pearl silver color. The total weight without riggings is 19.8 lbs.

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By margate
Family caregiver
Orange County, Ca.

Feb. 14, 2017

Good, Bad and sure is UGLY

Neads improvement, Karman does not have a good customer service. They just want to sell, not go the extra mile, Their to big to care for the individual.

Pros:Light, Shape of seat, COLEEN was a fantastic sales lady, helpful in everyway, she was very professional with her communication and follow up with me. I will sing her praises and will ask for her in all my future purchases

Cons:The list is long. I purchased this wheelchair for my wife, who is 70 plus years old, suffers with dementia, has 2 broken hips with screws in them, has had a stroke and her left arm is very week,I might add that she is 4 ft 10 and weighs 98 lbs, Very small, I wanted a safe small light wheelchair which this one appears to be. Lets start with whats wrong with the chair. WHEELS---If you were a dirt bike rider ,you would love the tread on these tires. They will be very good in the mud or snow, like my alltereain tires on my truck. But wait, I have purchased a wheel chair with this tire tread configeration, Now my sarcasam has bean satisfied, let me get serious, The wheels are great on the tile and wood floor and my wife can manouver the chair, BUT SOON AS SHE GETS ON CARPET ,THE TIRE TREAD GRIPS SO TIGHT, SHE CANT PUSH THE WHEELS ROUND. She has to call me to push her. Ok I can put up with that, I have a good set of out door wheels, after all the wheels come off very easy. let me buy a second set of wheels with a smooth finish, no tread for indoor carpet use. Seems reasonable and logical, right, WRONG. Different configeration of tire tread is not available from the manufacturer. Or on the aftermarket. What an oppourtunity lost by the company by not offering to sell me a second set of wheels, that I would have gladly purchased. BUT I should not have to buy a second set of wheels, they offer me a choice of fixed wheels or removable, so why do they not offer me a choice of tire tread? I phoned the manufactura and was informed by one of their execs, chair is MADE IN CHINA and they don't take special orders or requests, they just take our dollers So I am putting up with a dirt bike chair. Lets talk about the seat, what a nightmare, they say the seat is washable, which it is. That was one of the features I made sure of. My wife does drop her food at times. But I love her. The first time she marked the seat was the first day, o'k I was expecting it, after she goes to bed I went to clean the seat, Its perferated and padded. So a little soap and water to wipe the mess up. It cleaned up good, BUT now I have a wet pad that I cant dry, o'k thats what dryers are for. It's 10 at night, and i'm thinking, no problem ,slip the seat cover of, into the dryer, ready by mourning, WRONG. The seat cover, which it is not, is the seat, SCREWED down. So out comes the tool box to unscrew the seat, which i am sure is very easy for handicapped people to do, then with my artheritc hands i have to line up 10 small screws to screw the seat back on. I am starting to hate this chair as it sure hates me, So another phone call to the manufacturer to discuss why they did not make a quick release on the seat, they droped down the back,they did a nice job on the foot rest's,easy smooth simple. Or sell me a removable cover, without calling out the TRIPLE A! I was told I should buy an extra seat from them so I could do a quick swich out, This guy thinks this chair is at INDIE. I don't have a pit crew, ITS A WHEEL CHAIR FOR MY HANDICAPPED WIFE. What ever you do, do not make this chair user friendly. Same thing for the back canvas. At this price, they should have made the arms movable. Lift up and down and click in. but they are fixed, Its a pain when one has to move the occupant, No side slip for bed etc. or raise arms up to snug up to table. The material of the seat and back is very high maintainance, grabs every mark. Poor choice in material used. Please excuse spelling, Typos are not an excuse. i'm old and grumpy and type with onr finger,

Overall: No, I would not recommend this product.

By Rheutillius
Family caregiver

Jan. 23, 2017

The finest wheelchair I have ever seen!

I have a wheelchair I received in 1993. It is heavy and I can no longer get parts for it. It is now relegated to sit on while I work on my recumbent trike. I have been using it to care for my wife which is my full time, blessed job. This one is 10 lbs. lighter and folds MUCH smaller. At 82, it is hard to lift in and out of the car trunk. This one is more than twice as easy. It is very comfortable for my wife and it's operation is much easier. It is not necessary to remove the chair legs to put it in the trunk and there is a lot more room remaining for other things.

Pros:Lightweight and folds small

Cons:Absolutely NONE!

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

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