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Erection Devices

These devices, including erection systems, provide help for impotent men.
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IMPO-AID Vacuum Penis Pump (Battery)

PG#: 00001vENVTUE
By: Impo-Aid

An electric penis pump for quickly creating a strong erection. Includes battery pump, penile tube, rings, lubricant & instructions.

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Manual Vacuum Erection Pump Kit by Encore

PG#: 00001vENVTU1
By: Impo-Aid

Includes manual pump & penile tube, different sized rings, lubricant, carrying case, instruction booklet, video & 800-HELP line service.


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Deluxe Battery & Manual Erection Pump Kit by Encore

PG#: 00001vENVTURX
By: Encore

Includes manual & battery pumps with interchangeable penile tube, rings, lubricant, carry case, instructions, video, ring ejector & more.

was $206.24

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Osbon ErecAid® Vacuum Therapy System OTC

PG#: 00001vOB91114
By: Osbon

The original and leading vacuum device for treating impotence, now available without a prescription.


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Osbon ErecAid® Vacuum Therapy System Manual

PG#: 00001vOB1130
By: Osbon

The first ergonomically designed vacuum device. Fits comfortably in the hand for easy one-hand operation of the pumping mechanism.


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Choosing The Best Erection Devices

There are many causes of ED, or erectile dysfunction, as well as many treatment options. Once your doctor has addressed or ruled out any underlying conditions, a frank discussion about your choices may include surgery, medications or erection devices, also called erection pumps or erectile dysfunction pumps. Many of these devices are now available without a prescription.

The good news is that erection devices work on about 95 percent of men. With a little practice, they can help you create an erection in only a few minutes. In essence, these are erectile dysfunction vacuum pumps that create a vacuum in a tube—as negative pressure builds in the tube, blood fills the penis, resulting in an erection.

The two primary types of erection pumps are manual pumps and battery pumps. Manual pumps come in one- and two-hand designs and use a lever to create the vacuum. One advantage of manual erection devices is that they allow you to choose your own pace. One-hand designs are often sleeker and allow you more freedom of movement. These newer ergonomically designed vacuum devices are angled to fit comfortably in the hand for easy one-hand operation of the pumping mechanism and a better view.

If you have limited dexterity because of arthritis, carpal tunnel or other hand issues, a battery powered pump will be easier to operate. Many are activated with a simple push button.

Erection devices should come with a few essentials in addition to the pump itself. These include rings that maintain the erection with tension (the ring is first placed on the tube itself and will be rolled onto the base of your penis once an erection has been achieved). You may need to try different tensions to find the ring that’s both the right size and strength for you, which is why most erection device kits come with assorted sizes. Another product is a lubricant to create the right seal for the vacuum as the penis is drawn into the tube. The rings and the lubricant will need to be replaced over time.