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Enema Kits

Freeship A variety of water enema kits and supplies for home use.
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Disposable Enema Bag Kits w/ Slide Clamp (Individually Bagged)

PG#: 00003vDYND70102H
By: Medline Industries

Economy enema bag sets, including polybag, pre-lubricated tubes, slide shut-off clamps & enema soap. (1 Kit or Case of 48)


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Enema Bag Kits with Slide Clamp (Individually Boxed)

PG#: 00003vDYND70100H
By: Medline Industries

Disposable enema bag sets, including bag, pre-lubricated tubes, slide shut-off clamps & enema soap. (Case of 48)


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Disposable Mineral Oil Enema

PG#: 00003vCUR095010
By: Medline Industries

Ready to use mineral enema oil is disposable squeeze bulb bottle. Pre-lubricated, anatomically correct tips. (Case of 24)


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Enema Bag Set - Disposable

PG#: 00001v68145540
By: Enema

Single use enema bag set in cases of 50.



Medi-Pak Enema Bag Set

PG#: 00005v16582700
By: Medi-Pak

Medi-Pak Enema Bag Set relieves of occasional constipation, bowel cleansing, preparation of colon for x-ray or endoscopic examination.


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Choosing The Best Enema Kits

Home enema kits are among the most economical daily living aids. For users who prepare their own water-based solutions, disposable kits include all the needed enema supplies including a packet of castile soap, which can be diluted in a warm water solution for a more thorough colon cleansing.

Enema kits usually include either a 1500cc enema bag or polypropylene bucket, depending on how the home enema solution will be mixed. For a careful measure the volume of the solution, choose a bucket with graduated measurement markings, such as 500 mL increments up to 1500 mL and 1- and 2-quart indications.

Look for kits that have tubing with an adjustable clamp, enabling you to be sure all air is eliminated from the tube before the flow of solution begins. Tubing is generally PVC and 60” long and comes with a pre-lubricated tip. If allergies are a possibility, be sure to choose latex-free materials. Some kits also come with an underpad or a drape as well as instructions.

For care facilities or frequent usage, buying a case of individually wrapped enema kits is extremely economical.

There are also other types of enemas that come in pre-filled disposable bottles with different types of solutions that don’t require mixing or the use of a tube to administer. These should be used on the advice of your doctor when treating for constipation and other conditions. Features to look for include anatomically correct, pre-lubricated tips for a safe and relaxed insertion and protective shields help to prevent contamination. One-way safety valve controls flow and helps prevent reflux. Among the enema solutions available are Mineral Oil Enema and Sodium Phosphate Enema, a saline-based laxative.