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Electronic Gifts

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911 Guardian Phone

PG#: 00002v30911     By: Complete Medical

911 guardian phone set has complete coverage in and around your home.



    Big Button Talking Calculator

    PG#: 00002v3980     By: Complete Medical

    Easy to use, clear female voice speaks the individual numbers and has a built-in volume control.



      was $41.61


      Daylight Sky Light Therapy

      PG#: 00001vRMDL2000     By: Day-Light

      Serves as both a therapy and task light. This SAD lamp is designed to provide timed, intense doses of white light to treat specific conditions.

        was $187.49


        Clarity XLC3.4+ Extra Loud Cordless Phone

        PG#: 00008vCLARITY-XLC3.4+     By: Clarity

        This cordless, digital phone by Clarity amplifies incoming sound up to 50+dB and outgoing speech up to 15dB.

          was $186.65


          XL15 Digital Pedometer

          PG#: 00001vAEXL15     By: Lifesource

          A large viewing screen and advanced clock features make this amazing pedometer stand out.

          • Product Type: Hand Exerciser



          Serene Innovations TV SoundBox TV Listening Speaker

          PG#: 000029vHC-TVSB     By: Serene Innovations

          The TV SoundBox from Serene Innovations is a TV amplifier listening speaker that is completely wireless so you can even listen to your show in other rooms

          • Product Type: Listening System

          was $159.93


          Unisar DH900 TV Listening System

          PG#: 000029vHC-DH900     By: Unisar

          • Product Type: Listening System



          Alarm Clock Pro Vibrating Alarm Clock from Bellman & Symfon

          PG#: 000029vHC-BA-PROCLK     By: Lifestyle Essentials

          The Bellman Vibrating Alarm Clock Pro wakes you with high-intensity LED lights and a powerful bed shaker that emits sound from directly under the pillow.

            was $137.49


            Oregon Scientific Bluetooth BBQ Oven Thermometer

            PG#: 00008vOR-AW133     By: Oregon Scientific

            Cooking Thermometer with bluetooth capability for the right temperature meat everytime.

              was $66.65


              Oregon Scientific Talking Wireless BBQ/Oven Thermometer

              PG#: 00008vOR-AW131BLR     By: Oregon Scientific

              Talking Thermometer for BBQ and Oven makes cooking very convenient and helpful. Program and custom modes.



                Serene Innovations TV SoundBox Speaker Receiver (Additional Speaker)

                PG#: 000029vHC-TVSB-SPK     By: Serene Innovations

                Additional Speaker for TV Soundbox speaker. Up to 50 Speakers can be paired with each soundbox base

                • Product Type: Hearing Accessories

                was $117.64


                Bellman & Symfon Maxi Personal Amplifier

                PG#: 000029vHC-BAMAXI     By: Bellman & Symfon

                Maxi Personal Amplifier is a revolutionary communication aid that uses digital state-of-the-art technology to enhance speech in small group conversations, music and TV.

                • Product Type: Personal Amplifier



                Mino Digital Personal Amplifier

                PG#: 000029vHC-MINO     By: Bellman & Symfon

                Mino Personal Amplifier is a revolutionary communication aid that uses digital state-of-the-art technology to enhance speech in small group conversations, family gatherings, outdoors and in stores as well as music and TV.

                • Product Type: Personal Amplifier



                Chattervox 100 Voice Speech Amplifier with Headset

                PG#: 000029vHC-CV-1     By: Harris Communications

                The Chattervox is a compact personal amplification system that provides up to 15dB of a voice boost for mild to moderate speech impairments.

                • Product Type: Listening System

                was $294.10


                A&D Medical Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth

                PG#: 00001vAEUA651BLE     By: A&D Medical

                A&D Medical Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth® Smart, 22cm to 32cm SlimFit Cuff, 30 Record Internal Memory

                  was $106.65


                  TruTone Electronic Artificial Larynx

                  PG#: 000029vGR-LARYNX     By: Trutone

                  The TruTone is a highly adjustable electrolarynx speech aid that produces an excellent voice for individuals with vocal speech difficulties.



                    Victoria Tunewriter III in Paprika

                    PG#: 00008vGDI-TW3USB     By: Grace Digital Audio

                    7-in-1 USB recordable audio player



                      Speaker System for iPhone/iPod

                      PG#: 00008vIH-iP3BZC     By: Ihome

                      Speaker system for iPhone and iPod with advanced audio controls and remote.

                        was $249.99


                        Conair One Touchpad Deep Foot Bath

                        PG#: 00002vFB27     By: Complete Medical

                        Pamper you feet with this deep warm foot bath with bubbles. Includes 3 pedicure attachments.

                          was $66.66


                          Travel Alarm Clock

                          PG#: 00008vSA-SBP100     By: Sonic Alert

                          Travel alarm clock with travel case and pillow strap.



                            Guardian Alert Panic Phone

                            PG#: 00008vLM-GA911     By: Logicmark

                            Stay safe with Guardian Alert Panic Phone.



                              RCA Symphonix Sound Amplifier With Case

                              PG#: 00001vAACRPSA10     By: Audiovox Accessories Corp

                              The RCA Symphonix Sound Amplifer helps those with weak hearing, but don



                                Sweetheart Alarm

                                PG#: 00008vSA-SBH400SS     By: Sonic Alert

                                Heart shaped alarm clock with pulsating action.