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Electrode Lotions & Gels

Freeship Conductive, adhesive & protective gels and creams for electrotherapy devices.

Skincote Protective Dressing Applicators

PG#: 00002v3017     By: Complete Medical

Skincote protects skin against irritation from: adhesives, appliances, T.E.N.S. electrodes and external catheters. Box of 50.



Signacreme Electrode Conductive Cream

PG#: 00002v17-20     By: Complete Medical

Available in a 5 oz dispenser in a box of 12 or a 2 liter with 2 dispensers.



Tensive Conductive Adhesive Gel

PG#: 00002v22-60     By: Complete Medical

Recommended for TENS, EMG, EEG and other electromedical procedures.



Signagel Electrode Conductive Gel

PG#: 00002v15-60     By: Complete Medical

Available in 2 oz or 8 oz tube in a box of 12 tubes.



Signaspray Electrode & Skin Prep

PG#: 00002v18-25     By: Complete Medical

250 ml Bottle Box of 12.