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Dynarex Disposable Fluff Underpad (Light Absorbency)

Highly absorbent, soft fluff fill underpad that is waterproof and sealed to prevent leakage.


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Skincote Protective Dressing Applicators

Skincote protects skin against irritation from: adhesives, appliances, T.E.N.S. electrodes and external catheters. Box of 50.


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Dynarex Underpad Disposable Fluff (Heavy Absorbency)

The Dynarex Fluff/Polymer Disposable Underpads is a protective pad for use with people who suffer from incontinence.


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Hydrocortisone Cream

Hydrocortisone topical relief cream.


Dynarex Cotton Tipped Applicator with Wood Shaft

Dynarex Cotton Tipped Applicator with Wood Shaft 6" Sterile, Highly Absorbent, 2/pouch


Dynarex Instant Cold Pack

Instant Cold Pack General Purpose 5 X 9 Inch is Ideal for minor sprains, burns, nosebleeds and headaches.