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Dmi Classic Steel Rollator Walker With Padded Seat, Removable Basket And Storage Tray,

This Strong And Sturdy Steel Rollator Walker Will Give You Something Strong And Stable To Lean On As You Walk. Includes Large 8 Inch Wheels Travel Smoothly Over Most Surfaces and removable basket & storage tray.


was $174.99

DMI Large Weekly Medication Planner

Large oversized 7 day capacity medication planner with 4 time compartments for each day make use of product very easy and clear to manage medicine.


was $33.32

DMI Footstool with Handle

Stool Platform Dimensions 10" x 14", Base of Legs 18-3/4" x 13-1/2",


DMI Radial Cut Memory Foam Pillow

Radial Cut Memory Foam Pillow Supports head and neck for optimal comfort and helps promote proper spine alignment


was $59.99

DMI Tapestry Protective Bed Pad

28" x 36" Tapestry bed pad with maximum absorption rayon layer


was $46.65

Dmi Freedom Lightweight Folding Aluminum Rollator Walker With Adjustable Handle Height

Dmi Burgundy Freedom Rollator will be there when you need some extra support, but won't slow you down in the least. It's easy to "drive" and steer, moving smoothly over carpets, floors or pavement.


was $162.49

Nebulizer Replacement Parts And Accessories - Pacifier Mouthpiece

Compatible For Use With All Mabis Brand Compressor Nebulizers.


was $37.49

Rechargeable Battery Pack For Compxp

Compatible With Compxp Standard And Deluxe Models Replacement Battery Pack for frequent uses.


was $93.74

Dmi Rubber Ice Bag

DMI rubber Large Ice Bag is 11 inches long. Great For Icing Injuries Or Reducing Pain And Swelling. Stays Cold A Long Time, Longer Than Gel Packs, Ice Packs Or Cold Packs.


was $37.49

Dmi Steel Walker With Wheels And Seat, Royal Blue

Dmi Steel Walker is easy To Use, Lightweight Steel Walker With Wheels Combine The Features Of A Rollator With The Economy Of A Walker


was $112.49

Dmi Lightweight Extra-Wide Aluminum Rollator Walker With Seat

Dmi Lightweight Extra-Wide Rollator Is Built To Last Can Safely Manage Up To 375 Pounds. You Will Feel More Confident Walking With It. Its Large Wheels Glide Easily Over Most Surfaces. Comes in Burgundy, Titanium and Royal Blue


was $299.99

Dmi Extra-Wide Heavy-Duty Steel Bariatric Rollator

Dmi Extra-Wide Heavy-Duty Steel Bariatric Rollator Sturdy and durable, it is also wide to add balance and stability. Steel frame Construction with burgundy color


was $274.99

Dmi Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Rollator With Adjustable Seat Height

Dmi Ultra Lightweight Transport Chair Seat height adjusts from 33-1/2 in. - 38-1/2 in. to fit most users. Convenient storage pouch, curved padded backrest and cushioned seat for maximum comfort.


was $237.49

Dmi Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Transport Chair

The ultimate freedom of mobility. This ultra-lightweight aluminum transport chair provides quick, easy and safe transport and maneuverability. It weighs only 20 lbs. and comes in royal blue and titanium.


was $312.49

Dmi Ultra Lightweight Folding Aluminum Hemi Rollator With Padded Seat, Basket And Adjustable Handle Height

This super lightweight hemi rollator will give you the balance and stability you need while walking as well as a convenient place to rest when you need a break. Makes A Great Travel Companion in royal blue or titanium.


was $174.99

DMI Telescoping Adjustable Wheelchair Ramps

Dmi Adjustable Ramps include Two Telescoping, Adjustable Wheelchair Ramps Easily Extend For Use With Steps, Curbs Or Vehicles Then Retract For Storage for convenience.


was $222.21

DMI Protective Mattress Cover for Hospital Beds

Protects and extends life of the mattress for hospital beds size 36" x 80" 6"


was $31.24

DMI Protective Mattress Cover for Home Beds

King and Queen Mattress cover protects and extends life of mattress. Slips easily over mattress


DMI Heavy-Duty Sliding Transfer Bench with Cut-Out Seat

Unique sliding transfer bench features a sliding seat, minimizing physical strain on the user and caregiver


DMI Standard Lumbar Cushion with Strap

DMI Lumbar cushion helps support lower back pain and keep spine in proper alignment. Comes with elastic strap to keep in place.


was $46.65

DMI Ortho Bed Wedge

Ortho bed wedge is a unique foam wedge design helps improve circulation while allowing the spinal cord to relax.


was $74.99

DMI Long Handle Call Bell

Steel call bell delivers a loud, clear ring for those who are bed ridden and may need assistance


was $33.32

Dmi Brown Velour Protective Seat Pad

Protective seat pad for the chair, car and more. Polyester top surface with water resistant bottom layer


DMI Waterproof Furniture And Bed Protector Pad With Straps

Dmi pad with strap Protects bedding, furniture, and wheelchairs from moisture


was $46.65

Ice Kold Instant Ice Compress

Standard Instant ice compress is ued by squeezing to activate, remains cold for 30 minutes reducing swelling and helping with pain.


was $46.65

Hot & Kold Reusable Gel Compress

Large reusable hot and cold gel compress for relief from various different ailments including muscular pain relief.


was $59.99

DMI Therabeads Sinus Pain Relief Pad

Sinus pain relief pad helps assist in providing fast effective help from sinus pressure and headaches


was $39.99

DMI Therabeads Heat Therapy Wrap System

Heat therapy system has an adjustable wrap and heat pouch. Ideal for the lumbar area to give maximum relief.


was $53.32

DMI KOOLpress Oversized Compress- 3 Count

Oversized kool compress is a reusable cold gel ideal for large areas of the body for pain and swelling.


was $119.98

DMI Utility Food Cart

Use as a serving tray, utility cart or portable table with an overall size of 17" x 18.5" x 35.5".


DMI Wood Transfer Board with Two Cut-Outs

Wood Transfer Board helps in transferring patients from wheelchair, bed, chair or commode. It is constructed of 3/4" maple plywood.


was $43.99