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Disposable Underpads & Chux


Tranquility Heavy Duty Underpads

PG#: 00001vPU2088     By: Tranquility

Heavy Duty underpad with tear resistant backsheet and high absorbency level.

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    Wings Fluff and Polymer Plus Underpad

    PG#: 00005v98133101     By: Wings

    Extra-large mattress underpads. Super-absorbent. Prevents skin irritation & controls odor. Comes in many sizes

      was $13.32


      TENA® Underpads -Extra Absorbency

      PG#: 00005v35033101     By: Tena

      Extra Absorbency Chux Underpads

        was $13.32

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        Attends Tuckables Drawsheets Disposable Bed Pads

        PG#: 00005v19133100     By: Attends

        Large disposable pads w/ flaps to prevent movement. Highy absorbent. Fluff filler for comfort. (36 x 36 inches, Case of 50)

          was $71.99


          Wings™ Fluff and Polymer Underpad - Large

          PG#: 00005v95913101     By: Wings

          Extra large, disposable underpad. The protection of three or four pads combined! (30x36 or 36x70 inches).


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            Wings™ Fluff Underpad

            PG#: 00005v10933101     By: Wings

            Underpad by Kendall/Covidien. Provides comfort & durability while protecting from light incontinence. (Mult. sizes)

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              Prevail® Super Absorbent Underpads

              PG#: 00001vFQPV410     By: Prevail

              These super absorbent underpads provide superb protection for you home. 30


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                Attends All-in-One Breathable Underpad

                PG#: 00005v91423101     By: Attends

                Super absorbent polymer channels and locks fluids away from skin for maximum performance and helps prevent odor.


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                  Wings Quilted Premium Comfort Underpad

                  PG#: 00005v71633100     By: Wings

                  Features a super absorbent core, cloth-like backsheet with moisture vapor permeability, and a silky soft topsheet


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                    Ultrasorbs Air-Permeable SuperDry Underpads by Medline

                    PG#: 00003vULTRASORB1824     By: Ultrasorbs

                    Air-permeable, moisture-proof pads wicks away moisture. Keeps the skin dry & comfortable. (4 Sizes to choose from)

                      was $106.65

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                      Protection Plus Disposable Underpads - Deluxe Weight

                      PG#: 00003vMSC281260     By: Protection Plus

                      Deluxe weight underpads w/ special fluff-fill to prevent leakage and a non-skid backing. (23x36 and 17x24 inches)

                        was $59.99

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                        Prevail High Performance Overnight Disposable Underpads

                        PG#: 00005v41803100     By: Prevail

                        This non-skidding pad can cover and protect a variety of surfaces. Doubly thick absorbent layer. (23 x 36 inches, Case of 72)

                        • Size: Large

                        was $19.99

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                        TENA Quilted Underpads Ultra Plus Absorbency

                        PG#: 00005v36703101     By: Tena

                        These special bed underpads are non-irritating, soft and absorbent. Latex-free with quilted mat. (36x36, 28x36 or 28x30 inches)

                          was $18.65


                          Prevail Regular Dri-Bed Underpads

                          PG#: 00001vFQUP150     By: Prevail

                          These special bed pads are made by linen and polypropylene, which makes it an anti-irritating product. (23 x 36 inches)

                            was $15.99

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                            Select Disposable Underpad by Tranquility

                            PG#: 00001vPU2675     By: Tranquility

                            This disposable underpad protects bedding, furniture, wheelchairs and other surfaces from leakage. (23 x 36 inches, Case of 150)

                              was $86.65

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                              Protection Plus Disposable Airstream Breathable Underpad

                              PG#: 00003vMSC282120     By: Protection Plus

                              These special disposable underpads are odor-reducing because they are very breathable.

                                was $39.99

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                                TENA Ultra Underpads

                                PG#: 00001vSQ357     By: Tena

                                Superabsorbent Underpads by Tena, 23

                                  was $23.99

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                                  Extrasorbs Air-Permeable Disposable DryPads

                                  PG#: 00003vEXTRASRB2336A     By: Extrasorbs

                                  Absorbent core wicks moisture away from the skin for increased patient dignity and better skin care.


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                                    Protection Plus Disposable Underpads - Standard Weight

                                    PG#: 00003vMSC281241     By: Protection Plus

                                    Moderate-absorbency pads feature a diamond-embossed fluff-fill to help control fluid leaks. (4 sizes)

                                      was $53.32

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                                      Simplicity Fluff Underpad

                                      PG#: 00001v687174D     By: Simplicity

                                      These disposable underpads from Kendall/Covidien guarantee protection from light to moderate incontinence. (Mult. sizes)


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                                        TENA® Air Flow Underpad

                                        PG#: 00005v37003101     By: Tena

                                        This waterproof mattress pad is ideal for use on low air-loss therapy beds. (23 x 36 inches, Case of 60)

                                          was $23.99

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                                          Attends Dri-Sorb Plus Waterproof Mattress Pads

                                          PG#: 00005v20363101     By: Attends

                                          Disposable waterproof pads that are super-absorbent to protect beds & other surfaces. (30x36, 23x36 or 30x30 inches)


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                                            StayDry Heavy Absorbency Disposable Underpad by McKesson

                                            PG#: 00005v73633101     By: Mckesson Brand

                                            StayDry underpads with a soft top sheet and absorbent core.

                                              was $13.32

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                                              Protection Plus Disposable Underpad with Wings

                                              PG#: 00003vMSC241216     By: Protection Plus

                                              This disposable underpad has wings that offer stability from movement. (27 x 70 inches, Case of 75)

                                                was $73.32

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                                                Choosing The Best Disposable Underpads or Chux
                                                Better quality underpads (chux) are constructed with an absorbent material side and typically include a non-permeable layer (waterproof / urine proof layer) to prevent leakage to the bedding or furniture underneath. The term Chux and bedpad and underpad are somewhat interchangeable.

                                                Chux pads are found universally in medical settings on medical examining tables, hospital beds and any other areas where patients sit or lie down. Modern chux under pads were born in the 1950s and 1960s when nursing homes evolved away from using newspapers as an absorbent material and the paper products industry responded with the creation of disposable pads with a blue plastic backsheet and an absorbent top layer. These disposable bedpads could then be "chucked" away once filled with body fluids.

                                                Depending on the environment, the use of chux / bedpads has evolved over time. Convalescent centers, nursing homes, and assisted living centers sometimes rely exclusive on underpads to manage incontinence with their patients. We have heard horror stories of institutions using multiple underpads as a urineproof barrier where the patient is allowed to sit or lie in urine soaked chux. This leads directly to skin dermatitis and is a humiliating experience for the patient..

                                                Conversely in the home setting, we see home caregivers using underpads as a barrier of last resort to prevent undue laundering of bed clothes. At Parentgiving, we strongly advocate the practice of using the most appropriate absorbency diaper, pullup, or brief to manage incontinence — especially overnight incontinence -and if undue leakage still occurs, then to employ a chux pad as a barrier of last resort to prevent excessive laundering. The savings in time and effort of reducing extra laundering by once or twice a week is well worth the expense of the disposable bedpad.

                                                For home caregivers who are addressing the challenge of incontinence with superabsorbent diapers, we are seeing a dramatic rise in the use of reusable underpads. The reusable underpads have a non-permeable layer (waterproof layer) for protection, and a cotton blend top layer which sandwiches absorbent material in-between. These reusable underpads can be rinsed, or washed separately as needed. Most of the reusable underpads can be laundered well over one hundred times, and some have odor protection material as well in the absorbency layer. Our top rated and best selling reusable underpads can be found here.

                                                When selecting an underpad to be used in conjunction with an absorbent incontinence brief, we encourage that you choose an underpad that is wide enough to cover the area where the user will be sleeping (and moving). Used in conjunction with an absorbent diaper, the underpad is used as a barrier of last resort and area coverage is more important that absorption capacity. If using an underpad alone, then absorption capacity becomes more important. If sleep movement is a concern, then an underpad designed with flaps or with an underpad holder to hold the pad in place might make more sense.

                                                If using chux in conjunction with pressure relief mattresses, you should select an underpad with airflow capabilities. Airflow underpads have specially designed backsheets that are non-permeable (waterproof) but also breathable. Allowing for airflow in an underpad that covers a pressure relief mattress is important for maintaining skin health. Find more information about pressure ulcers and incontinence here.