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Diabetic Supplies

Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right supplies to make daily routines easier for a diabetic lifestyle.

Blood Glucose Monitors & Test Strips

Blood glucose monitors are small, portable devices that allow diabetic persons t...

Diabetes Organizers

Diabetic supply organizers are portable cases with refreezable ice packs for car...

Diabetic Foot Care

Protecting your feet when you have diabetes is at the top of the self-care list....

Food for Diabetes

Diabetic food is nutritionally balanced to help manage blood glucose levels for ...

Lancets & Lancing Devices

A selection of fine needles and devices to assist with diabetic testing.

Skin Care for Diabetics

Diabetic skin care treatment includes products such as cleansers, ointments, ant...

Socks For Diabetics

Diabetic socks are designed to provide maximum comfort and protection for...

Choosing The Best Diabetic Supplies

Because of the life-threatening consequences of uncontrolled diabetes, when you’re managing this health condition, having the correct diabetic supplies at all times is vital. What is correct for you will depend on the type of diabetes you have and its severity, whether you must regularly check your blood glucose levels and whether you are experiencing health consequences such as neuropathy that might prevent you from sensing a problem with your feet, for instance.

Among the most important categories of diabetic medical supplies besides insulin are diabetic testing supplies—meters and accessories for blood glucose monitoring and products for foot care, including diabetic socks, and skin care. Managing your daily needs can be streamlined by using smart organizers and acceptable diabetic food, both supplements and snacks. Here are some specifics:

Glucose meters and diabetic tesing supplies. If you need to check blood sugar levels regularly, you’ll want an easy to use and read meter. There are many brands of diabetic testing supplies to choose from and they come in various sizes, with a wide range of possible features at different price points. Some have enough memory to store several hundred test results, which will give your doctor a better overview of how well you’re controlling glucose levels. You’ll need lancets as well as the right test strips for your brand of monitor.

Organizer cases for diabetic medical supplies. For ease in carrying diabetic supplies, you’ll want an organizer large enough to hold all of your essential items, such as insulin bottles and syringes for injections (if necessary), your glucose monitor, test strips, lancets, alcohol swabs and your log book. Choices include supply organizers with insulated compartments—great when you’re outdoors in hot weather—and pen wallets if you use a pen system for insulin delivery.

Skin care products. Skin care treatment is especially crucial because the disease triggers changes in the blood vessels that carry nutrients to skin cells and in the nerves, making your skin more prone to breakdown. Good skin care products should moisturize the skin, keep it soft and supple and protect against wounds. Because even a simple wound can easily turn serious, look for specially designed products and tools for cutting nails, cleansing wounds, removing calluses and corns, healing minor wounds and other skin care needs.

Diabetes food. When you want a snack that won’t negatively affect blood sugar levels or require replacement foods because you need specific supplementary nutrition, specially formulated diabetic foods, like snack bars, cereal, shakes and drinks are available to make following a special diet easier.

Ordering diabetic supplies online with an automatic replacement system means you’ll never run out…and will always be able to better manage your condition.