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Pride Mobility Cleaning Kit

PG#: 000036vACCASMB2479
By: Pride Mobility

This kit can be used with any lift chair fabric (excluding vinyl/leather) in order to remove almost any stain or odor.



    Jodi-Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner

    PG#: 000029vHC-JODI-CS
    By: Jodi

    Jodi-Consumer hearing aid cleaner is a compact, portable, affordable hearing aid cleaning solution that helps keep your hearing aids clean.

    • Product Type: Hearing Accessories

    was $144.43


    ACU-LIFE® Audio Kit™ Hearing Aid Cleaner

    PG#: 00001vHEI400586
    By: Acu-Life

    Hearing Aid Cleaner Kit Contains 5 Essential Hearing Aid Cleaning Tools.

    • Product Type: Hearing Accessories


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