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Catheter Accessories

Freeship Drain bag & tube holders, skin dressings, drain bottles and other items.
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Leg Bag Catheter Drainage Systems (Strap not included)

PG#: 00001v509814
By: Hollister Inc

Leg bags for catheter drainage systems. Available in 18 oz and 30 oz volumes.


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Covidien Urinary Drain Bags

PG#: 00001v683502
By: Kenguard

Contoured urinary drainage bags with hanger perfect for bed rails, wheelchairs, and ambulatory patients.


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Urethral Open Style Catheter Tray - Sterile

PG#: 00001v6875030
By: Kenguard

Urethral catheter tray kit in vinyl or rubber. With or without Catheter.


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Invacare® Catheter Extension Tube for Leg and Drainage Bags

PG#: 00001vMKAS311
By: Amsino International Inc

Latex free, 18 inch, catheter extension tubing. 18 inch length, latex free.


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Self-Cath® Straight Tipped - Sterile - Female

PG#: 00001v76208
By: Self-Cath

Funnel end, female catheters. For intermittent general catheterization. All sizes. (Box of 30)


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Reusable Night Drain Bottle

PG#: 00001vUC4100
By: Urocare Products Inc

Urinary collection system. For use with urinary catheters. Includes 2000 cc capacity bottle, 60 inch tube & hanging hooks.


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Vented Leg Bag Catheter Drainage Systems (Full kit)

PG#: 00001v509645
By: Hollister Inc

Leg bag drainage system with everything required to be hooked up to a catheter and start catheterization.


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Wide Reusable Leg Bag Straps

PG#: 00001v57162110
By: Bard

Wide Reusable Leg Bag Straps, catheter, catheter accessories, leg bag, leg bag strap


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Incontinent Sheath Holders

PG#: 00001v826550
By: Posey Company

Foam with Velcro®. For male patients using external urinary catheters.


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Foley Catheter Legband

PG#: 00001vOZ606
By: Pepper Medical Inc

Stabilizes the indwelling catheter without restricting patient movement for greater comfort.


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FLEXI-TRAK® Large Anchoring Device

PG#: 00001v5137449
By: Flexi-Trak

For anchoring tubes and catheters to skin, such as urinary catheters, gastrostomy tubes and chest tubes.


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CATH-SECURE Single Center Tab

PG#: 00001vMJ54452
By: Cath-Secure

Multi-purpose, medical tube holder.


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Urinary Night Drainage Set

PG#: 00001vTRSN592017
By: Torbot Group Inc

Includes everything needed for urinary diversion.


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26 Inch Extension Tube for Intermittent Catheters

PG#: 00001v76475
By: Coloplast

26 Extension Tube for Intermittent Catheters


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18 Inch Catheter Extension Tubing with Connector

PG#: 00001v509345
By: Hollister Inc

For connecting external catheter to leg bag. Tubing only. Available in boxes of 10.


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Skincote Protective Dressing Applicators

PG#: 00001vDX1506
By: Dynarex

Skincote protects skin against irritation from: adhesives, appliances, T.E.N.S. electrodes and external catheters. Box of 50.

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EZ Gripper Intermittent Catheter Kit

PG#: 00001vNB52114
By: Mtg

Sterile catheter kit with everything needed for full functionality


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Curity™ Connecting Tubing

PG#: 00001v6842450
By: Argyle

Surgical suction connecting tube with male and female molded connectors. Available in a case of 50.

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Kenguard Insertion Tray without Catheter - Sterile - PVP Swab Style

PG#: 00001v6876000
By: Kenguard

PVP swab style sterile catheter insertion tray kit without catheter. Available 10cc and 30cc syringe sizes.


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Texas Catheter™ Male External Catheter

PG#: 00001v61730300
By: Dover

Standard sized male external catheter kits by Covidien. Soft, lightweight latex. 3 different kit levels available. (Case of 144)

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Robinson Clear Vinyl Urethral Catheter

PG#: 00001v68400618
By: Curity

Clear vinyl urethral catheter. 16in length. Available in french sizes 10,12,14,16, and 18.


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Catheter Extension Tubes

PG#: 00001v574A4194
By: Bard

Silicone, 18 inch catheter extension tube. Available in sterile and non-sterile forms.


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Female Urethral Catheterization Kit (Closed)

PG#: 00001v683411
By: Dover

Female specific catheterization kit. Available in cases of 25.


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CenterPointLock Convex Flextend Ostomy Skin Barrier with Tape

PG#: 00001v5087711
By: Centerpointlock

CenterPointLock skin barrier wafers for two-piece ostomy systems.


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