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"It's perfect for my daughter. She is physically and mentally disabled, is on a trach, has no swallow reflex and is hypotonic (can't even lift her head). I was introduced to this product from her nurses at the hospital and it's simply perfect. I constantly worry about her oral care and this product puts that worry at ease."
"I had no clue where to start looking for diapers for Dad...I was searching on the web, getting more and more confused when I saw “”—That’s me! That’s what I’m trying to do, and I gave them a call." Thank you for your guidance. You are incredibly helpful. "
   - L.G., Carollton, TX
"It doesn't get better than a company that gets it right the first time every time and does it in time frames for which other companies charge a good deal extra!"
   - D. Barkley
"Sometimes decisions need to be made quickly and the usual research methods are inadequate. A brief conversation with the consultant explaining the situation and an email response suggesting alternatives enabled us to find a new home for our mother -- which we know will be a happy place for her. Without this service, we would not have known about the care center we ultimately choose."
   - David Cosgrove
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