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"it is not easy to take care of a parent. Any and every thing is potentially stressful. I searched days for this chair and found your price to be the most competitive. This savings, coupled with the prompt service, is invaluable to me."
   - J.D.
"I'm writing to say thanks for a flawless transaction of a recent order and for the great selection of supplies for my mom. I am her primary caregiver and am glad I found out about your company. It's good to know there is a reliable and informative site like Parentgiving. "
   - PW
"This is a wonderful service, but it it only as good as the staff that makes it happen!"
   - Ellen B.
"Wow, when you said fast shipping you weren't kidding. Kudos to the shipping department. We ordered on Monday evening and it was delivered in perfect condition Wednesday morning. Thank you for a job well done."
   - M. Griffith
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