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ReliaMed Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves

Vinyl exam gloves without powder.


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Cardinal Health Essentials Ibex Quilted Reusable Underpad

Reusable underpad machine washable with moderate absorbency


Cardinal Health Personal Washcloth, Unscented, Flushable

Ph balanced Flushable personal washcloth effectively remove urine and feces with excellent precision.


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Cardinal Health Flexal Nitrile Exam Gloves

Cardinal Health Flexal Feel Nitrile Exam Gloves offer natural feel with form fitting tactile sensitivity and are very comfortable.


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Cardinal Health Offset Adjustable Height Cane

Anodized aluminum finish with a soft cushioned hand grip.Easy push-button height adjustment from 31" to 45" in 1" incrementsFits users 4


Cardinal Health Personal Washcloths, Scented, Non-Flushable

Scented, non flushable washcloths have a gentle, no-rinse formulation. The soft cloth is infused with aloe to soothe and moisturize skin.


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Cardinal Health Esteem Synthetic Powder Free Stretch Vinyl Gloves with Neu-Thera

Specially formulated polyvinyl chloride patient exam gloves with an exclusive formulation that creates silky smooth comfort while providing superb fit and durability.


Cardinal Health 5" Locking Raised Toilet Seat w/ No Arms

Locking toilet seat with no arms safely raises toilet seat by 5". Seat size is 17" x 16" and fits on most toilet bowls.


was $33.32

Cardinal Health Heavy-Duty Folding Walker with Wheels

This heavy duty Walker is built with the patient in mind to offer a safe and durable option for assisting with walking needs with a 500 lb weight capacity.


Cardinal Health Replacement Crutch Tips

Cardinal Health tips for crutches help extend the life of the crutch reinforced with metal insert.


was $6.65

Cardinal Health Grab Bar

Cardinal health grab bar enhances safety with a secure grip when using shower, tub or toilet.


was $18.65

Adjustable Folding Cane by Cardinal Health

Adjustable folding cane by cardinal health has a sturdy lightweight frame that folds for compact storage. Cushion support tip for extra comfort.


was $23.99

Cardinal Health 3-in-1 Folding Commode

3-in-1 Folding Commode with 300 lb weight capacity by cardinal health


Cardinal Health Essentials Plaid Ibex Quilted Reusable Underpad

Reusable plaid cardinal health underpad with PVC backing


Cardinal Health Secure-Gard Earloop Face Mask

Cardinal Health Secure-Gard Earloop Face Mask


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Kendall Webcol Alcohol 2 Ply Preps

2-ply individually wrapped, alcohol soaked, prep pads. Sizes: Large & Medium. (Box-200, Case-4000)


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Cardinal Health Heavy-Duty Bariatric Crutch

This Walking Crutch provides added safety and durability. Each crutch is manufactured with steel to ensure additional strength on weight-bearing areas.


was $73.32

Push Button Adult Crutch by Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health push button crutch is lightweight and easy to adjust with push button.


Replacement Crutch Hand Grip by Cardinal Health

Replacement hand grip for crutch helps extend the life. Fits aluminum and wood crutches.


Crutches Replacement Kit by Cardinal Health

Crutch kit from cardinal health fits most standard crutches. Designed with thick cushioning for extra support and comfort.


was $19.99

Crutch Pad Replacement by Cardinal Health

Replacement pad from cardinal health crutch with extra cushioning for comfort


was $17.32

Cardinal Health Hemi Side Walker

Cardinal Health side walker is built with the patient in mind to offer a safe and durable option for assisting with walking needs and balance.


Adjustable Offset Cane by Cardinal Health

Cardinal health offset cane helps maintain stability while walking. Cushion support while your on the go to make it easier to get around.


was $19.99

Cardinal Health Oil Emulsion Non-Adherent Dressing

Cardinal Health Oil Emulsion Non-Adherent Dressing


Cardinal Health Secure-Gard Cone Face Mask

Secure-Gard Cone Face Mask Shaped to fit securely around the nose and mouth


was $13.32

Cardinal Health Thin Overnight Pad with Wings

Pads are made out of highly absorbent materials that capture flow and lock it away before it can stain undergarments or clothing.


was $7.99

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