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Car Seat Cushions

Freeship Seat cushions designed for automobiles that are especially comfortable for long car rides!

Premium General Use Gel Seat Cushion

PG#: 00001vKHPKBGUG1616     By: K2 Health Products, Llc

Premium seat cushion with gel and foam offering excellent pressure distribution. 3 sizes to choose from.



Back Lumbar Cushions by Nova

PG#: 000021v2679BL-R     By: Nova

Temperature-sensitive memory foam molds to your body shape and provides customized comfort for your lower back.



K2 Health Products Super Compressed Coccyx Cushion

PG#: 00001vKHPKCMPCC     By: K2 Health Products, Llc

K2 Health Products Super Compressed Coccyx Cushion 18" x 14-1/2" x 3"


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Swivel Seat Cushion

PG#: 00006vRTLAGF-300     By: Drive

Makes getting on or off a seat or chair easy and comfortable - Car seats too!

was $28.79

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The Auto Swivel Seat Cushion by Stander

PG#: 000025v3035     By: Stander

This Swivel seat cushion pivots 360 degrees, making it easy to swing your legs and hips around, eliminating pain and stress on your body



Essential Medical 2" Gel Cushion

PG#: 000015vD4001     By: Essential Medical

Essential Medical 2" Gel Cushion provides pressure relief with a zippered cover for convenience.



Dmi Brown Velour Protective Seat Pad

PG#: 000041v560-7044-0400     By: DMI

Protective seat pad for the chair, car and more. Polyester top surface with water resistant bottom layer