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Callus Pads & Removal

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Nail Care Plus Diabetic Foot & Nail Care Set

PG#: 00001vMD126
By: Medicool Inc

Electric callus & thick toenail remover/trimmer by Medicool. Ideal for use on both natural & artifical nails. Incl 6 tools & carry case.

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    Choosing The Best Callus Pads & Removal Aids

    Calluses are the build-up of hard, dead skin on the soles of the feet and occasionally on the sides of the fingers. While some callus formation is normal, often the buildup can be severe and even cause cracked skin, especially on the heels. There are a number of ways to exfoliate the dry layers of skin, but regardless of what method of callus removal you choose, you need to use a gentle hand. If you have diabetes or any neuropathy affecting your feet, talk to a podiatrist about the best way to approach skin care as well as how to prevent future buildup—steps include wearing well-fitted shoes and not going barefoot.

    Start By Softening Skin

    Callused skin is easier to remove when skin has been softening by soaking. If standing in the shower or taking a quick bath isn’t long enough to soften your skin, a footbath will do the job and provide a soothing, relaxing experience in the process. Soak your feet in lukewarm, soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes and then follow up with a pumice stone or another product to gently remove the buildup of skin. The BubbleSpa Footbath With Toe Touch Control has pedicure attachments and a heat function that keeps the water temperature comfortable.

    Try Exfoliating Creams

    Scrubbing creams and pastes can help remove callused skin gently. For light callus removal, a therapeutic softening cream can rehydrate dry skin. Kerasal Ultra20 Extra Strength Foot Cream is a vanishing, no-fragrance cream that is quickly absorbed. For more stubborn calluses, try a pumice paste, like Kerasal Exfoliating Pumice Paste, an exfoliating agent made from real pumice stone that sloughs off surface layer skin cells common with cracked heels, dry skin and calluses. You can use it right in the shower. Natural oils and emollients in the dual action formula both exfoliate and moisturize.

    Step Up To Exfoliating Tools

    When skin care products aren’t enough, “mechanical” callus removal tools, like a pumice stone, can slough off more layers of dead skin. Kerasal Callus Removal Cleansing Pads are a unique innovation—exfoliating disposable pads with an abrasive side for softening calluses and a built-in cleanser side to disinfect. After you use a pad, just throw it away.

    Battery operated callus removers offer deeper callus removal, yet still enable you to control the amount of exfoliation so that you don’t go too far and injure skin. The Nail Care Plus Diabetic Foot & Nail Care Set is a compact battery powered manicure and pedicure set—with six tools at hand, you can remove calluses as part of complete hand, foot and nail care.