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Bibs for Adults

Bibs for adults Choose from disposable adult bibs as well as washable/reusable bibs for adults.

To order in bulk, please call for a quote or see the Volume Discount link on the individual product page.

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Deluxe Adult Bib

PG#: 00001vESC3045
By: Essential Medical

Deluxe adult bibs by Essential Medical. Waterproof vinyl and plaid color. Available in bulk ordering. (Individual or Box of 12)


In Stock


Hermell Napkleen Disposable Adult Bib

PG#: 00001vHFVW1318
By: Hermell Products Inc

Napkleen attaches with convenient strip and has a built in crumb catcher.

was $19.99

In Stock


Priva Mealtime Adult Protector Bib

PG#: 00001vPRP13836SBP
By: Mealtime

Priva by Fiberlinks Textiles Inc Mealtime Protector, 18" x 36", Cotton, Full Length Bib


Limited Stock

Showing: 1-3 of 3
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Choosing The Best Bibs for Adults

Bibs for adults offer clothing protection in a variety of situations. You or a loved one might be recuperating in bed and unable to sit up comfortably due to a medical condition. Your hands may be affected by Parkinson's or rheumatoid arthritis, with shaking or unsteadiness that makes you anxious when eating and drinking. You might enjoy certain hobbies that can get messy yet don't want the encumbrance of a smock. Caregivers might find that they benefit from wearing a bib while assisting a loved one with certain activities, like feeding or changing a bandage.

There are different types of bibs for adults available, from thin disposable adult bibs that are perfect for one-time use and can just be thrown away to more substantial materials and stylish designs that take the self-consciousness out of wearing the protection. There are also various price points, depending on the features you want. For instance, the Standard Adult Bib comes in a soft feeling terrycloth material in a light blue color. It has a hook and loop closure to secure behind the head and measures 18" x 30". The Deluxe Adult Bib has the same size and closure, but adds more of a fashion statement with a bright, heavyweight vinyl that has a plaid front and a waterproof back.

As you're comparing choices, consider these style and design options to find the best one for your needs:

The Closure: Velcro makes attaching and removing bibs for adults much easier than snaps if fingers may not be as dexterous as they used to. Hook and loop closures are very common and easy to use. Expect simple ties on inexpensive disposable adult bibs.

The Length: Some bibs are long enough to cover the lap, offering total frontal coverage that may be needed by people sitting up in a wheelchair without a tray, for instance.

Crumb Pockets: To minimize clean-up from crumbs that fall to the floor, adult bibs with a pocket catch and contain crumbs.

Waterproof Feature: Not all bibs are waterproof or come with a vinyl backing. This can add to the price, but makes sense if the bib is to be kept on for long periods of time and is reusable.

Front And Back Material: Disposable adult bibs are often thin vinyl to keep the cost down. The more durable the bib and the more it will be worn, the more you want to consider softer fabrics and even a smart print so that the bib becomes less obvious. Fabrics for reusable bibs include machine-washable terrycloth and brushed cotton and heavy-duty vinyl that's easy to wipe down.