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Bariatric Comfortpan Bed Pan

PG#: 00002v7098     By: Complete Medical

Weight Capacity 1,200 LBS

was $66.65



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Stackable Unisex Bedpans by McKesson

PG#: 00005v62752900     By: Mckesson Brand

Provides comfort, convenience, and fits standard commodes/toilets.



Standard Plastic Bedpan by Nova

PG#: 000021v8107-R     By: Nova

The Standard Plastic Bedpan by Nova is for patients who have difficulty getting out of bed. It is durable odor resistant and easy to clean.



Disposable Plastic Bedpans by Carex

PG#: 00001vRMP70400     By: Carex

Choose from the Contour or Fracture designs with varying fluid capacity. Sold individually or by the case.

was $19.99


Bed Pan Without Cover

PG#: 00002v7209     By: Complete Medical

Disposable bed pan without a cover.

was $26.65


Fracture Bed Pan

PG#: 00002v7221     By: Complete Medical

Disposable Gold fracture bedpan.

was $26.65


Fracture Bedpan by Nova

PG#: 000021v8108-R     By: Nova

A fracture bedpan is small and alleviates the need of turning the patient. This helps to reduce discomfort and possible re-injuring of the fracture.



Stainless Steel Bedpan by Complete Medical

PG#: 00002v7089     By: Complete Medical

Stainless Steel Bad Pan by Complete Medical