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Bed Trays

Freeship Lap trays are the perfect solution for reading, writing, eating, or using a computer from the comfort and convenience of a seated position. Lap trays can be used in bed, a chair or wheelchair, and are a great size to take travelling. The Trasaback Curve Tray has a firm, vinyl tray surface, a storage bag, and a removable bean bag cushion underneath. The curved edge allows the tray a more comfortable position by contouring to the body and includes straps that affix to a wheelchair. The Bean Bag Lap Desk has a wedge-shaped cushion filled with foam beads and adjusts up to a 20 degree angle. The plastic top easily wipes clean and a front lip keeps objects from sliding off when angled.

Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table by Stander

PG#: 000025v8800     By: Able Life

Swivel TV tray frame sits directly underneath the feat of your favorite couch or chair, can be confident in its ability to hold the weight of your laptop or dinner plate.



Stander Couch Cane Swivel Tray

PG#: 00001vSTD2055     By: Stander

Stander Couch Cane Swivel Tray