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Bed Trapeze

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SuperPole With SuperTrapeze

PG#: 00001vHQSTPS
By: Healthcraft

Superpole transfer pole with supertrapeze which hangs over bed and assists in bed mobility.

  • Attributes and Features: Adjustable Length
  • Rail Height: 90"
  • Rail Finish: White Rails
  • Usage Type: In/Out Assist
  • Brand: Healthcraft


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Bariatric Heavy Duty Trapeze Bar

PG#: 00005v824521_EA
By: Drive

With tool-free assembly and a lightweight design, this heavy duty deluxe bariatric trapeze bar by Drive Medical makes setup a cinch without skimping on reliability


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    Bariatric Floor Stand with Trapeze

    PG#: 00001vINVBARTRAP
    By: Invacare

    Bariatric Floor Stand with Trapeze, 73", 50-1/2" x 40", 1000 lb. Weight Capacity, Lightweight, Tool-free Design


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      Choosing The Best Trapeze Bars and Bed Trapezes

      A trapeze is an assistive device that can provide needed leverage when getting in and out of bed is difficult. When the user has upper body strength, it can facilitate sitting up as well as transferring to a wheelchair or bedside commode. Trapeze designs center on a triangular shaped handle used for gripping that is levered to either a wall or bed mounted bracket or a base that sits on the floor. Because the trapeze will be bearing the weight of the user, it must be chosen carefully and must specifically state that it can handle at least that amount of weight.

      Bed Trapezes

      Bed trapezes are less cumbersome than floor designs. Some attach directly to the bed while others can be mounted on the ceiling above the bed or on the adjacent wall. When considering a trapeze that attaches to the bed, often at the headboard, be sure to check for any specific requirements. For instance, some trapezes can only be used with a hospital bed and/or a metal bed frame. Within the hospital bed category, some attach to the headboard while others can be mounted on the side rail.

      The Lumex Versa-Helper Trapeze, for example, is made to be used with a metal frame headboard only to help the user safely change position in bed and transfer from bed to other equipment with minimal assistance. The handbar location is fully adjustable, and the entire unit is height adjustable from 43" to 52". Rubber bumper guards protect walls from force damage. The VersaGuard-coated clamps and handbar provide additional protection. The assisted weight capacity of this trapeze is 250 lb. It offers more versatility than other models because it can also be used with a trapeze floor stand (sold separately) to make this trapeze unit free standing instead of bed mounted. A bariatric trapeze is also available.

      The user's mobility needs should be the first consideration when choosing a trapeze style, and both the bed and its location in the bedroom will further help you determine the best model for you.

      Floor Trapezes

      A floor trapeze is a freestanding device, and styles include stationary and wheeled, which makes maneuvering it easier. One advantage of a floor trapeze is that you don't need to mount it on a wall or ceiling, nor do you necessarily need a hospital bed. However, you do need clearance under the bed to position the long legs of the base; a floor trapeze won't work with a platform bed for instance. Floor trapeze styles can handle a lot of weight. The Bariatric Free Standing Trapeze has a 1000 lb capacity and an easy to assemble, tool-free design. The chain is adjustable from edge of headboard to the end of boom by sliding it to desired position.