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Bardia All Silicone Foley Catheters

The Bardia all-silicone Foley catheter features a 5cc balloon and sterile design.



Wide Reusable Leg Bag Straps

Wide Reusable Leg Bag Straps, catheter, catheter accessories, leg bag, leg bag strap



Foley Catheter Universal Insertion Tray - Sterile

Insertion tray By Bard Medical Division.



Natural Care® Gel

4 oz tubes of ostomy sensitive skin cream containing aloe vera and panthenol.



Antibacterial Personal Catheter®

The Antibacterial Personal Catheter provides a urinary antiseptic to the urethral-catheter boundary during catheterization.



Red Rubber Catheter - Sterile

All-purpose, urethral, X-ray opaque with funnel end and round, hollow tip. 16 Inch. (Case of 100)


was $174.99


Bard® Infection Control Urine Drainage Bag

Sterile single-use urine drainage bag by Bard Medical Division.



Bard Bedside Drainage Bag

Sterile drainage bag with single hook hanger.



Catheter Extension Tubes

Silicone, 18 inch catheter extension tube. Available in sterile and non-sterile forms.



Bard Cunningham Clamp

The Cunningham Clamp is a hinged, stainless steel frame supporting two foam rubber pads and a locking device.


Rochester Medical Male Hydrophilic Personal Catheter

Hydrophilic Personal Catheter packaged with its own sterile water.


Bard Toomey Piston Irrigation Syringe with Catheter Tip and Luer Adapter

Toomey 70cc piston syringe barrel fits all standard cystoscopes or resectoscopes. Double-flanged plunger tip ensures adequate vacuum