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Bard Anti-Reflux Urinary Drain Bag

Urinary Drain Bag Bard® Anti-Reflux Valve Sterile mL Vinyl


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Wide Reusable Leg Bag Straps

Wide Reusable Leg Bag Straps, catheter, catheter accessories, leg bag, leg bag strap


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Bard All Silicone Foley Catheters

The Bardia all-silicone Foley catheter features a 5cc balloon and sterile design.


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Bard Foley Catheter Universal Insertion Tray - Sterile

Insertion tray By Bard Medical Division.


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Bard Infection Control Urine Drainage Bag

Sterile single-use urine drainage bag by Bard Medical Division.


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Bard Cunningham Clamp

The Cunningham Clamp is a hinged, stainless steel frame supporting two foam rubber pads and a locking device.