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Arthritis Pain Relievers

Topical analgesics to relieve arthritis joint pain.
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Brownmed IMAK Arthritis Socks

PG#: 00001vFDA20191
By: Imak

The Brownmed IMAK Arthritis socks help relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis of the feet.

  • Size: Large, Medium


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Thermophore Arthritis Pads

PG#: 00001vBT177
By: Thermophore

Fast acting moist heat therapy to relieve arthritis pain. Choose from joint, neck and back pads.


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    Therabath Professional Thermotherapy Paraffin Bath Therapy Unit

    PG#: 00001vWR2300
    By: Thera Med

    Paraffin moist heat therapy is used to relieve pain, inflammation and stiffness caused by arthritis.

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      Choosing The Best Arthritis Pain Relief

      Arthritis pain relief can often be found through products that deliver heat or the feeling of heat, from pads you heat up to arthritis pain relief cream that you rub over affected areas.

      Arthritis Heat Pads

      Like heating pads, heated arthritis mitts are designed to relieve arthritis hand pain. The four-stage therapy switch provides optimum 20-minute arthritis pain relief treatments of intense moist heat without adding water. Fast-acting therapy relieves hand pain and stiffness for hours.

      For arthritis pain in other bodyparts, try Thermophore Arthritis Pads with the same fast-acting moist heat therapy designed as joint, neck and back pads.

      Reusable Heat Products

      Another type of arthritis pain relief is a mitt that heats up quickly in the microwave. The Microwavable MoistHeat with MicroBeads Arthritis Mitt  has beads stitched into a soft fabric. It’s made to release the maximum amount of moist heat for arthritis pain and stiffness. The MicroBeads transfer heat deeper and quicker, and they never rupture, leak or dry out. When heated in the microwave, MicroBeads release their retained moisture, providing pain relieving therapeutic moist heat. After treatment, the MicroBeads absorb moisture back from the air, making them ready to be used again.