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Amplicom PowerTel 725 Reliant+ Amplified Phone

The Amplicom PowerTel 725 Reliant+â„¢ includes the PowerTel 720 Assure+ cordless 50dB amplified phone and PowerTel 601 Wrist Shaker. The PowerTel 720 Assure+ is equipped with 3 user profiles so each user can preset the phone to their desired volume and tone preferences. The PowerTel 601 Wrist Shaker vibrates and has LED lights to let you know when there


Amplicom PowerTel 785 Responder Amplified Phone

The Amplicom PowerTel 785 Responderâ„¢ is one of the most versatile amplified phones on the market, featuring a unique amplified corded/cordless pairing plus a multipurpose wrist transmitter. The PowerTel 785 is the perfect solution for those who want quick dialing, easy answering and an "emergency connect" feature that allows you to quickly call for help with the simple press of a button.