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Alginate Dressings

Freeship Soft non-woven fibers that absorb wound exudate & form a gel-like covering over the wound.

SAF-Gel Dressing - 3oz tube

PG#: 00001v51145730     By: Saf-Gel

3oz tube. Hydrating dermal wound dressing gel with alginate.



    Smith & Nephew Algisite® M Calcium Alginate Dressing

    PG#: 00001v5459480200     By: Algisite

    Utilizes the proven benefits of moist wound healing, resulting in faster healing of even difficult wounds.

    • Product Type: Dressing



    Abena Calcium Alginate Dressing

    PG#: 00005v26142100     By: Abena

    Abena calcium alginate dressing keeps wound moist and is very absorbent for optimal healing.