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Adult Diapers & Incontinence Products

With 10,000 persons turning 65 years old every day, incontinence is a growing issue facing a booming aging population. Incontinence can start with the occasional leak and progress to a chronic condition that is embarrassing and intrudes on self-respect and the ability to freely go about one’s life. Adult diapers can provide the protection needed to address incontinence, and there are countless varieties of adult diapers (adult briefs, adult incontinence underwear, male guards, female pads) to specifically address the best solution. Read More »

Adult Diapers & Incontinence Products

There are many different types of incontinence such as overactive bladder, stress incontinence, and prostrate related incontinence and the solutions and causes can very widely from one version to another. To learn more about incontinence and methods to better manage incontinence, visit the understanding incontinence and incontinence issues section of our site.

Types of Fit

Adult Diapers typically come in two different full-coverage styles. Determining which style of fit depends on caregiver and user preference, user mobility / dexterity, and product coverage.


  • Look and feel of regular underwear (generally more acceptable for reluctant users or those new to incontinence)
  • More comfortable for active users
  • More discreet under clothing
  • May have tear-away sides for easy removal
  • May have leg cuffs to contain leaks


  • Easiest for putting on or taking off for caregivers
  • Typically used for less mobile users or bedridden users
  • Most common style used in institutional settings (nursing homes, assisted living, hospitals)
  • Adjustable tabs may offer a more customized fit around narrow legs or larger bellies
  • Easier clean up for bowel incontinence
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FAQ Incontinence

  • What is the "best" solution available?

    Because they require less changes and typically perform much better than anything found at retail, a proper fitting overnight adult diaper or ultimate absorbency diaper is far and away the most popular– and pull-ups outsell briefs (tab top adult diapers) at a ratio of about 2:1.

  • Should I double-up adult diapers to prevent leaks?

    NO! Never ever double up diapers – it does not work and wastes a lot of product and money. Instead find a super absorbent product that works better, and if leaks are still a problem, than insert a booster pad inside of an adult diaper.

  • I just have occasional incontinence (Stress incontinence or sneeze incontinence) – what is recommended?

    Incontinence pads (for females) and Male guards (for males) are a logical starting point for the occasional bout of incontinence. They can be placed inside of form-fitting underwear (panties or jockey style underwear for men) and can be removed and replaced as needed – without removing clothes. And because they are smaller and use less material, pads and guards tend to be very economical compared to incontinence garments.

  • What size incontinence diaper should I use?

    Every brand of adult diapers has its own sizing – and the manufacturers usually provide waist and hip measurements to guide the user in selecting the best size and fit. All incontinence garments should be form fitting and close to the body as gaps in the leg holes or gaps at the waist can cause leaks. And just as in garments, no two product fit alike so we encourage sampling to ensure a great fit. In fact, we estimate most adult diapers leaks due to poor fit more than due to a lack of absorbency. Diapers should fit snugly but still feel comfortable.

  • The terms ADULT DIAPER is less than dignified, why is this term still in use?

    We get a call about once every 90 days where someone is offended by the term, and we understand the issue. The garment make of an adult diaper is very similar to that of a baby diaper – the construction technologies and materials are much more sophisticated in the adult version and adult users have a voice where babies really do not. The familiarity of baby diapers – their look, construction, and application have permeated the manufacture of adult diapers for years – and so the term has stuck. In reality, the terms adult diaper, incontinence brief, and incontinence underwear are all interchangeable. incontinence garments.

  • What type of adult diaper is easiest for caregivers?

    For home caregivers, we advocate super absorbent adult diapers that require less changes per day (better preserving caregiver health). These super absorbent adult diapers come in a variety of makes, and often can eliminate nighttime leaks. Read our Parentgiving Picks for best superabsorbent diapers.

  • How many adult diapers will I need per day?

    If using super absorbent adult diapers, we advocate no less than 4 changes per day in the following cycle (wake-up, lunchtime, dinnertime, before bed). If using less absorbent products, than 6 to 8 changes per day may be required. Institutional settings advocate “check and change” every 3 hours, inclusive of waking up the user in the middle of the night – we strongly believe that better products can eliminate any need to wake a loved one suffering from incontinence.

  • Help! I am excessively washing bed linens due to leaks – what can I do?

    Find a super absorbent product that FITS well with no gaps at the leg holes or waist. Booster Pads can be inserted INSIDE an adult diaper to provide an additional 6 to 12 ounces of void capacity. Booster Pads can also be wrapped around a male user’s penis to deflect urine flow back into the diaper environment.

  • Is there a more discreet solution for incontinence when I am out and about?

    Incontinence pads for women and male guards are probably the most discreet solution – but are generally only used for mild or occasional incontinence. When using pull-up incontinence underwear, avoid plastic backed garments as they can make noise as you move. Almost all gender specific underwear are built for discretion (no plastic, and slimmer profiles)

Top Brands - Adult Diapers & Incontinence Products

There is a wide variety of incontinence products for men and women that can help by offering reliable protection. They are at the foundation of dealing realistically and dependably with the condition, which rebuilds confidence and improves the quality of life for the elderly patients affected. There are a wide range of adult diapers, including overnight diapers and adult diapers for daytime use. The level of absorbency varies according to the seriousness of the problem. People can have light, medium or heavy amounts urinary leakage, and you can buy products for each level. Incontinence products are NOT reimbursable by Medicare as evidenced by this Medicare link.

Many people prefer the convenience and familiarity of disposable briefs, which pull on and pull off just like your regular underwear. They provide a high level of comfort and protection, combined with the convenience of disposables.

Persons with limited mobility and/or in end-of-life (hospice) care are often incontinent and to facilitate easier application and removal of the incontinence product, professional caregivers and family caregivers will employ tape-on, or tab-top diapers.

Years of Experience in helping customers find the best incontinence solution for their loved ones and their own personal journey

Our customer service team have ALL personally gone through the aging process with loved ones and have been family caregivers. We have literally seen and heard it all and have helped customers regardless of background or budget. We receive ongoing product training from every adult diaper manufacturer in the space and are revered by our suppliers for our knowledge and feedback.

Some of the more common home care issues as it relates to incontinence are: too much laundry due to nighttime leaks (find the right absorbency product and fit, and employ an underpad as needed), skin breakdown from incontinence (increase frequency of changes, employ barrier creams and antifungal creams), urge incontinence (employ incontinence pads instead of a diaper). Regardless of how incontinence is affecting your life, we can help you.

Adult Diaper Products and Home Medical Supplies that you cannot buy locally

In its' eight years of existence, Parentgiving has sourced and sold MILLIONs of incontinence products, and have discovered that the best incontinence products and solutions are brands that are not sold at the local Walmart, Walgreens, or Costco. Many of the highest rated adult diaper products we carry were originally distributed into institutional settings (nursing homes, senior care centers, etal) and those adult diaper manufacturers invested their time and money into design and manufacturing, rather than investing huge sums of money required for retail distribution (consumer advertising, sales teams, retail slotting fees, etal). Brands like Tranquility, Unique Wellness, Protection Plus and Molicare continually rank as our top sellers because customers find they consistently provide the best protection while being cheaper on a per diaper basis compared to retail brands like Depend.

Our same approach of sourcing and selling only the most effective products extends to our marketing of all types of home healthcare products, including:

  • personal hospital medical equipment
  • medical supplies
  • mobility products

ParentGiving is an authorized retailer for the most respected brands in home healthcare. As an authorized medical supply retailer, we make sure that all the products we sell are first quality and backed by the manufacturer's warranty.