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Gifts for Seniors

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Clarity D712 Amplified Low Vision Cordless Phone and Digital Answering Machine

PG#: 00008vCLARITY-D712
By: Clarity

Amplified cordless phone with low vision support. Perfect for seniors!

    was $106.65


    Assist-A-Tray by Stander

    PG#: 00001vSTD2050
    By: Stander

    The Assist-A-Tray by Stander, Inc. is a safety handle standing aid and swiveling tray for any couch, chair or recliner.

      was $199.99


      Hermell Foam Bed Wedge With Cover - Blue

      PG#: 00001vHFFW4070B
      By: Hermell Products Inc

      Premium polyurethane foam bed wedge. Blue zippered polycotton cover. 3 sizes to choose from.

        was $37.32


        ATT-CL4940 Corded Answering System

        PG#: 00008vATT-CL4940
        By: At&T

        This phone features a large backlit LCD screen and extra large buttons.



          Clarity D702 Amplified Low Vision Expandable Cordless Phone

          PG#: 00008vCLARITY-D702
          By: Clarity

          The Clarity® D702 amplified/low vision cordless phone with CID display amplifies incoming sound up to 30 decibels.

            was $87.49


            Serene Innovations TV SoundBox TV Listening Speaker

            PG#: 000029vHC-TVSB
            By: Serene Innovations

            The TV SoundBox from Serene Innovations is a TV amplifier listening speaker that is completely wireless so you can even listen to your show in other rooms

            • Product Type: Listening System

            was $173.27


            Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra Personal Sound Amplifier Duo Pack System

            PG#: 000029vWS-PKTD1-EH
            By: Williams Sound

            This Pocketalker includes both a single earphone and a folding headphone, making it a great value for personal sound amplification.

            • Product Type: Personal Amplifier



            Apex Easy Bottle Opener

            PG#: 00001vMHEN11
            By: Apex

            Apex Easy Bottle Opener opens caps, pull tabs and tops. Perfect for that cap you need open.



              Grafco Ankle and Wrist Weights

              PG#: 00005v56124000
              By: Grafco

              For users who want a workout for there ankle and wrists.



                Cardinal Health J-Hook Adjustable Height Cane

                PG#: 00001vZCHCNE0012
                By: J-Hook

                Easy push-button height adjustment from 29" to 38" in 1" incrementsFits users 4

                • Adjustable & Foldable: Adjustable
                • Tip or Base Type: Tip
                • Minimum Cane Height: 29"


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                Contour Back Cushion by Carex

                PG#: 00001vRMP71100
                By: Carex

                Is ideal for use when sitting for extended periods to minimize lower back discomfort..



                  Graham Field Dual-Layer Foam Comfort Cushion

                  PG#: 000010v8100166
                  By: Lumex

                  Comfort pressure relieve cushion with dual layer support and cover.



                    Medline 3 Inch Nylex Covered Gel Foam Chair Cushion

                    PG#: 00003vMSC263104
                    By: Medline Industries

                    Utilizes a gel pack between two layers of resilient foam to stabilize wheelchair patients while reducing pressure.


                      Unisar DH900 TV Listening System

                      PG#: 000029vHC-DH900
                      By: Unisar

                      • Product Type: Listening System



                      Audio Fox TV Listening Speaker System

                      PG#: 000029vHC-AFTV-T
                      By: Audio Fox

                      The Audio Fox TV Listening Speaker System gives you personal volume control of crystal clear TV sound!

                      • Product Type: Listening System



                      Cardinal Health Offset Adjustable Height Cane

                      PG#: 00001vZCHCNE0014
                      By: Cardinal

                      Anodized aluminum finish with a soft cushioned hand grip.Easy push-button height adjustment from 31" to 45" in 1" incrementsFits users 4

                      • Adjustable & Foldable: Adjustable
                      • Tip or Base Type: Tip
                      • Minimum Cane Height: 31"
                      • Handle Type: Offset


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                      Thera-band Resistance Exercise Bands

                      PG#: 00001vTB20020
                      By: Theraband

                      Theraband exercise bands provides both positive and negative force on the muscles improving strength

                      • Product Type: Activity Equipment



                      Playing Card Holder

                      PG#: 00005v72527700
                      By: Maddak Inc

                      Playing card holder for people with pain and/or limited use of their hands.



                        Alarm Clock Classic

                        PG#: 000029vHC-BA-CLASSIC
                        By: Bellman & Symfon

                        With the Alarm Clock Classic you don



                          Upeasy Power Seat by Carex

                          PG#: 00001vRMUPEP100
                          By: Carex

                          Upeasy Power Seat. Electric Lifting Seat. Tan. 300lbs maximum capacity

                            was $186.65

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