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Alzheimer's Activities for Seniors


Sub Categories:

Three Kittens Magnetic Puzzle

PG#: 000019v1014-M30LP     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Magnetic puzzles with kitten image available in two sizes.



Garden Path Magnetic Puzzle

PG#: 000019v1009-M30LP     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Scenic garden path image magnetic puzzle.



Beach Scene Magnetic Puzzle

PG#: 000019v1065-M30-LP     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Small or large piece sized magnetic puzzle of a scenic beach.



Old Mill in the Fall Magnetic Puzzle

PG#: 000019v1012-M30LP     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Magnetic puzzles are a great senior activity. This puzzle comes in two sizes and features a scenic picture upon completion.



Log Cabin Magnetic Puzzle

PG#: 000019v1025-M30-LP     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Magnetic puzzle with scenic log cabin image.



Small Activity Board - R.O.S. Spree

PG#: 000019vMP-1B-PPS     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Hard board that provides a working surface for seniors while they sit or lay down.



Gardening Board Insert - R.O.S. Spree

PG#: 000019vCC-6B-PPS     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Hard topped board with planter holes designed for indoor growing and gardening of small plants.



R.O.S. Spree - Senior Activity Console

PG#: 000019vF-PPS     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Base piece for the Spree Activity System developed by R.O.S. Therapy Systems.



Tote Bag

PG#: 000019vF-CB-B1     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Blue tote bag for use with senior activity console and activities.



R.O.S. Spree Basic Starter Kit

PG#: 000019vCPIN-1S-NC     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

The R.O.S. Spree starter kit includes senior activities such as games, puzzles and more.



Ultimate Bundle Package - Senior Activities

PG#: 000019vCPIN-3S-NC     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

The Ultimate Bundle Package includes senior activities from games to puzzles.



Peg Solitaire Board Insert - R.O.S. Spree

PG#: 000019vGP-1B-PPS     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Peg game activity board with extra large pegs and holes.



Clip Board Insert - R.O.S. Spree

PG#: 000019vGP9BPPS     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Clip board modular top for the Senior Activity Console.



Card Holder Board Insert - R.O.S. Spree

PG#: 000019vGP7BPPS     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Stand alone or modular card holder in a standard card and over-sized card size.



Tic Tac Toe Board Insert - R.O.S. Spree

PG#: 000019vGP-5B-PPS     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Tic tac toe activity console top with extra large pieces.



Large Activity Board Insert - R.O.S. Spree or Legacy

PG#: 000019vGP-3B-PPS     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

The large activity board provides the perfect surface for completing non-magnetic puzzles.



Wild Flowers on Mt. Ranier Puzzle

PG#: 000019v1034-M30LP     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Puzzle in the image of The Wild Flowers on Mt. Ranier available in two different sizes.



Winter Serene Magnetic Puzzle

PG#: 000019v1019-M30LP     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Normal and large piece size magnetic puzzles of a beautiful winter scene.



Classic Row Boats Magnetic Puzzle

PG#: 000019v1001-M30LP     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Class row boats magnetic puzzle in two sizes.



Lighthouse Magnetic Puzzle

PG#: 000019v1022M30LP     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

The lighthouse guides the way to completion of this attractive magnetic puzzle for seniors.



Denali National Park Magnetic Puzzle

PG#: 000019v1107-M30-LP     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Magnetic puzzle of scenic Denali National Park.



Statue of Liberty Magnetic Puzzle

PG#: 000019v1101-M30LP     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Show your patriotic spirit with this Statue of Liberty Magnetic Puzzle.



Lincoln Memorial Magnetic Puzzle

PG#: 000019v1096-M30LP     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

This Lincoln Memorial magnetic puzzle is a great gift for any senior.



Mount Rushmore Magnetic Puzzle

PG#: 000019v1097-M30LP     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

Mount Rushmore magnetic puzzle for senior activity boards.