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Abena Boost Maxi Booster Pad
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Abena Boost is an absorbing rectangular pad with soft and ultrathin core which also consist of SAP (Superabsorbent). These products have white textile-like backsheet foil and white self-adhesive strips on the back of the pad. It can be used as a maternity pad or a pad for light incontinence.
  • Fluff-filled design adds absorbency while maintaining comfort.
  • Extends life of absorbent undergarment to minimize leakage and patient changes.
  • Acts as a conduit to pull fluid away from skin & into diaper underneath.
  • Many times just the booster can be replaced when wet, saving cost of diaper replacement.
  • Fully breathable backsheet promotes a cooler, more comfortable experience while promoting skin health.
  • The optimized core (multi-layer technology) makes the product slim, discreet and extremely efficient.
  • Absorbency level: 1300 ml
  • Dimensions: 6.3" x 24"

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By Ann 48
Buying for myself
Lincoln, NE

Dec. 27, 2019


I use these booster pads when I go to bed for the night. Because I have a colostomy that is very, very active at night, (and being as I don't like having to set an alarm to get up periodically throughout the night to check to see if I need to change my pouch) these Abena Boost Maxi Booster Pads have been a god-send for me. I wear an over-night pull-up (I especially like Dry Direct) with two of these Abena boosters and I get to sleep right straight through the whole night without waking up in a puddle or having a wet nightgown. Everything is dry, dry, dry -- and I've had a great night's sleep!!!! Talk about WIN-WIN situations!!!! Of course, the Abena booster pads are PLENTY soggy in the morning, but they didn't allow any leaks!!! My incontinence is a day and night thing, so when I discovered these Abena pads, I tried them and the following morning, I was beside myself with joy because they work!!! I do not use them unfolded - I use them as they are packaged, folded in half - so I have 4 layers of booster pad and they absolutely do work! Greatest invention since sliced bread!!! If you have big-time night-time incontinence, please do yourself (and/or your caregiver) a great big favor and give these a try. I promise you will be as thrilled silly as I am.

Pros:Superior absorbency

Cons:No adhesive strip - but that's OK with me

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Ann 48
Buying for myself
Lincoln, NE

Oct. 29, 2019

Lots of absorbency

I don't use these unfolded in a single layer. I use them as they are packaged, folded in the middle, and they have GREAT absorbency for me. Every night, I put out a tremendous amount of urine and I honestly don't think there is a pull-up on the market that will hold what I put out. So I've taken to using booster pads - usually at least 2 full inches of booster pads PLUS my night-time super-absorbent pull-up. And I still set my alarm to get me up once during the night to change booster pads and sometimes the pull-up, too. Otherwise, I would wake up in a big puddle in the morning. These Abena Boost Maxi Booster Pads are SUPER for me! If I put 2 of them inside my pull-up, I'm usually good until about 2:00 A.M. with no leaks anywhere!!! These Abena pads are the best I've found and I'm very,, very pleased with them -- provided I use them doubled over. So when I use 2 of the Abena pads, I actually have 4 layers of pad between me and the pull-up --- yes, they are THAT good!!!! If you want super absorbency any time, use these Abena Boost Maxi Booster Pads. They will keep you dry and won't leak all over everywhere!!!

Pros:Very good absorbency.


Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Pjc
Buying for myself

Sep. 11, 2019

Very good

Works well, comfortable and soft

Pros:Very soft and absorbent

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

Gender: Unisex 
Product Type: Pads 
Brand: Abena 
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