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Parentgiving Gift Certificates

Parentgiving Gift Certificates

Parentgiving gift certificate will be much appreciated by your loved ones:

  • Hundreds of great gifts for seniors
  • Thousands of home care & medical supply products

Online ordering of gift certificates is not yet available. Please call customer service at
888-746-2107 to order.

Gift certificates may be redeemed at any time during online checkout (click the “Redeem Gift Certificate” link on the final checkout page), or when ordering by phone.


  1. How do I purchase a gift certificate?
    You must call Parentgiving customer service to purchase a gift certificate. Online purchasing will soon be available.
  2. How are gift certificates redeemed/used?
    Gift certificates can be applied on the payment page during online checkout, or given to the customer service agent when ordering by phone.
  3. What amount can be purchased?
    You can purchase a gift certificate for any amount - a $25 minimum applies.
  4. How will gift certificates be delivered?
    Gift certificates are emailed to the purchaser in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. This file can either be printed or forwarded on to the recipient. Gift certificates generally arrive within 1 hour of your purchase, however please allow up to the end of the following business day in case we are busy.
  5. Is there sales tax?
    No sales tax is charged on the gift certificate purchase. When redeeming the gift certificate, if your order is shipping to New Jersey sales tax will be applied.
  6. Can I use a coupon/promotion code for a discount when buying a gift certificate?
    No. Coupon codes may not be used for discounts on gift certificate purchases, however, coupon codes may be used when redeeming gift certificates (discounts on actual products being purchased).
  7. What happens if my order total is less than my gift certificate amount/balance?
    The dollar value of your order will be automatically deducted from your gift certificate balance. You can use the remaining balance for future purchases. Unused gift certificates amounts/balances cannot be redeemed for cash.
  8. What happens if my order total is more than my gift certificate amount/balance?
    Your gift certificate balance will be reduced to $0 and you must use a credit/debit card to pay the differenceHow can I find out what balance I have left on my gift certificate? You need to either call customer service, or put something in your cart, go to the checkout page, and apply your gift certificate (you don’t have to actually purchase/checkout before you will see your certificate balance).
  9. What if I lose my gift certificate?
    Call us. If the gift certificate is unused, we will issue a new gift certificate. A $10 processing fee will apply.
  10. How secure are gift certificates?
    Every gift certificate has a long, unique code. You need to protect this code like you would a credit card account number because anyone that knows it can use it.
  11. What if my gift certificate was stolen?
    Please call us to report it so that we can investigate.