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Care Manager Advantage

Care Manager Advantage
Care management is the specialization in one or more fields related to long-term care, such as nursing or psychology with special focus on issues regarding aging, gerontology and elderly care. More specifically, learn what a geriatric care manager is and how such a person can assist families in caring for older loved ones.

Geriatric Care and Long Term Care

  • Hospital to Home to Assisted Living: Managing Eldercare

    Care options can be numerous, confusing and overwhelming. The average person probably does not know where to begin when it comes to making decisions for care following a parent’s crisis-driven hospital stay. Adult children often are charged with choosing a care facility or alternative situation for their parents with nothing to go on beyond a cryptic list from the hospital.

  • Hiring a Geriatric Care Manager

    Families were once rather small, nuclear units that remained close together. When children married and moved away, they seldom migrated too far from their parents.  However, in the last century or so, as children explored academic and employment opportunities across the globe, some eventually settled hundreds, even thousands, of miles away from where they grew up, and where their parents continued to reside.  For the most part, this geographical split causes little trouble since airline flights bring us across the country in hours and we can connect instantly via telephone and Internet.  Families can stay in touch even though they are far apart.

  • Care Manager Hotline Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the 800-GET-CARE phone consultation service?  How can this service benefit my parent and my family? Answers to Frequently Asked Question including rates and hours of service.    

  • Care Managers: Professional Guidance for Caregiving Families

    The scenario is similar from family to family: your parent or parents may be living far away and may be beginning to develop medical, health and psychological issues related to aging. One or both parents may be having trouble handling their daily routines, including dressing, cooking, cleaning, shopping and financial matters. You visit whenever you can, and help long distance in whatever way possible, but it is just not enough.