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Why Senior Care Technology Needs the Human Touch

As modern technology continues making inroads in senior care, it can be tempting to view the various devices that help keep seniors safe and comfortable in their homes as substitutes for human care. This could not be further from the truth.

Families exploring monitoring technology solutions for their senior loved ones should recognize that the very best options are those that combine technology with the human touch.

Simply put, technology alone is not enough. Motion sensors can track a senior’s movement in the home and determine whether he or she is walking steadily or has taken a stumble. But when problems are identified, somebody needs to step in. While monitors can capture data about a senior’s blood pressure, weight or glucose levels, a professional needs to interpret the data and determine the best course of action.

When we sat down to develop our own technology solution, this concern was top of mind. Our answer was LivHOME CareMonitor®, web-based service that allows seniors to be monitored remotely by a professional geriatric care manager.

Seniors access LivHOME CareMonitor® through a web-based, touch-screen interface developed by GrandCare Systems. Our Care Managers monitor seniors using the service and can be alerted immediately if any problems arise. The system can track medication schedules, movements around the house and biometric readings such as blood pressure, glucose, blood oxygen and body weight.

The system also provides a crucial social element, allowing seniors to communicate easily with family and friends including by Skype videoconferencing.

To our minds, this approach combines the best aspects of technology and human interaction, allowing caregivers to look after the health and well-being of seniors while remaining at a distance. This preserves the independence that seniors so greatly cherish. And it does so in a cost-effective manner that provides an easy-to-use and entertaining experience.